Videology board camera has fast shutter speed

Oct. 27, 2010
Videology announces an enhanced version of its 20D389 B&W camera board, with an optional fast shutter speed control.


Videology Introduces Camera with FAST Shutter/Gain Change in SAME FIELD . . . from 1/200th second to 1/100,000th second.

Captures fast moving objects & information in dramatically varying background scenes

Videology (Greenville, RI, USA/Uden, the Netherlands) announces an enhanced version of its popular 20D389 B&W camera board. An optional fast shutter speed control has been added to make more complex high speed applications possible. Changes to the speed can be implemented within one field.

Shutter speeds can vary from 1/200th to 1/100,000th of a second.

Videology’s 20D389FS is an excellent choice for applications such as license plate detail capture at high speeds, bar code data on ships arriving in ports, or information on special government vehicles. Data is imaged within a small field of view. It is easily achieved even with varying levels of illumination, plate reflectivity, or shadows.

A specific I²C interface detail is supplied so the OEM can create the appropriate interface schema to optimize our capability.

All high volume applications are welcome to call for sales and support.

VIDEOLOGY IMAGING SOLUTIONS is an ISO 9001 registered video camera manufacturer serving industrial, machine vision, biometric, security, IP and specialty OEM markets worldwide.

Source: Videology

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