PPT Vision offers asynchronously triggered four-camera embedded vision system

PPT VISION's IMPACT M-Series Embedded Vision System allows users to perform up to four unique inspections that can be initiated independently.

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IMPACT M-Series Embedded Vision System

A single system with four independently operating cameras—each running its own inspection/guidance program—achieves cost savings and simplifies setup

PPT VISION (Bloomington, MN, USA) announces a significant breakthrough in vision system technology and capabilities with their just-released IMPACT M-Series Embedded Vision System. The new M-Series System allows users to perform up to four unique inspections that can be initiated independently—at different times or simultaneously—utilizing a single vision processor. Significant cost savings are achieved by eliminating the need to purchase multiple systems for separate inspection/guidance programs, as well as greatly reducing setup and networking time.

Unlike other smart cameras, no PC is required for configuring and operating the IMPACT M-Series Embedded Vision System. The M-Series embedded M40 processor eliminates the need for a separate computer for programming and operation, creating a straightforward, networked smart camera vision system. The M40 Processor utilizes PPT VISION’s universal IMPACT software, which works with the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and features direct connections to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Customers are empowered to program and operate the IMPACT vision system directly from the M40 processor. The M40 Processor utilizes the Windows XP operating system to simply transmit data and images, connecting directly to databases, SCADA systems and other business system software.

“The IMPACT M-Series delivers a new level of performance and value for manufacturers,” said PPT VISION Chief Executive Officer Bob Heller. “This revolutionary product opens up a host of applications for PPT VISION’s guaranteed machine vision solutions and delivers unprecedented precision and speed to automated inspection, guidance and identification production processes.” Heller adds, ”This manufacturing improvement enabler combines speed and precision, programming flexibility and multiple inspection views at an optimal price.”

Manufacturing industries ranging from electronics, pharmaceutical, and medical devices to consumer products and automotive all benefit from the M-Series embedded vision processor’s proficiencies. In particular, the M-Series embedded vision processor is an ideal solution for inspecting dimensions, coplanarity, positioning and identification markings—both human readable text labels and barcodes. M-Series vision systems also excel at differentiating parts, locating defects and detecting flaws on 4 sides of a part. Typical applications include inspecting electronic connectors, correct part seating during die stamping, and detection of fill level and cap position on bottles.

Founded in 1982, PPT VISION has thousands of smart camera installations globally. PPT VISION develops and markets innovative machine vision technologies including smart cameras and high-end vision systems for a broad range of industry categories, including manufacturers of automotive components, consumer goods, electronic components, food and beverage products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, plastics and semiconductors. For additional information contact: PPT VISION headquarters at 6301 Old Shakopee Road, Suite A, Bloomington, Minnesota 55438. Phone: 952-996-9500. FAX: 952-996-9501. Email: info@pptvision.com.

Source: PPT Vision

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