Applied Image announces exclusive distribution agreement with Sine Patterns

May 25, 2004
MAY 25--Applied Image Inc. has added Sine Patterns LLC to the Applied Image Group family of companies with the signing of an agreement on May 17, 2004.

MAY 25--Applied Image Inc. has added Sine Patterns LLC to the Applied Image Group family of companies with the signing of an agreement on May 17, 2004. Bruno B. Glavich stated, "The addition of the Sine Patterns product line moves Applied Image Group closer toward its strategic goal of becoming the foremost world and image components and calibration standards leader, unique and second to none in quality."

To better serve its customers, Applied Image and Sine Patterns have joined forces to create a stronger marketing, manufacturing, and product-development organization, providing the best test targets, video, image analysis, microscopy, vision-calibration standards, as well as reticles, barcode, and other imaged components for the worldwide photonics industry. These imaged components and calibration standards are available on a variety of substrates, including glass, film, polyester, paper, plastic, ceramic, and various metals. Images can be made through photoemulsion, metal, or a variety of hybrid coatings, with or without AR overcoats, to meet the requirements in today's applications.

Sinusoidal-target expert Robert Lamberts, founder and managing member of Sine Patterns LLC, will continue in his capacity as head of the research-and-development efforts, as well as overseeing the manufacturing of all sinusoidal targets. The continued presence of Lamberts assures that all customers will continue to receive the same consistent and high-quality products they have come to expect from Sine Patterns. Lamberts stated, "With our new association with Applied Image, we now will be able to reach a much broader market segment worldwide, with our existing sine targets and mask-making services, than we ever had before."

Applied Image will provide the catalyst Sine Patterns needs for its continued growth as it endeavors to provide sinusoidal and nonsinusoidal products. In addition, masks and mask-making services are available for such applications as electronics, hybrids, thin- and thick-film circuits, discrete devices, waveguides, and other electronic, or tight tolerance, applications.

Applied Image Group is a group of four companies founded more than 25 years ago: Applied Optics (digital camera and plastic optics); Applied Coatings (engineered lighting coatings, thin-film coatings, and fuel-cell coatings); Applied Image (microscopy and vision calibration, test targets, barcode standards, and encoder); Applied Glasstec (ball lenses and micro optics).

All future orders or request for information on Sine Patterns LLC products, or any of the products offered by Applied Image, can be obtained by calling or e-mailing our sales department at: (585) 482-0300; fax: (585) 288-5989; e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]; or on the Web: or

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