Automated Solution Released for Inspection of Product Identification Markings

May 9, 2022
Product aids inspection of text and symbols on metal, plastic, and other surfaces.

Radiant Vision Systems has released an automated system for color and quality inspection of characters and symbols. Called the Area Color Inspection System (ACIS™), the product combines a ProMetric® I-series Imaging Colorimeter with a proprietary illumination configuration, mounted in a metal framework. The product also includes software for high-resolution imaging colorimetry measurement and image analysis. The software measures characters for legibility, compliance with regulatory requirements, adherence to brand color and quality standards, validation of text, and confirmation of serial numbers. The system provides near-spectrometer accuracy at production speeds, says Radiant Vision Systems, a part of Konica Minolta’s Sensing Business Unit. “Manufacturers typically use multiple methods to inspect markings,” explains Hubert Kostal, VP of business development and the leader of Radiant’s Advanced Vision business. “Device makers may use machine vision cameras for text inspection and area measurement. Plus, some combination of spectrometers and human inspectors for color measurements. This creates a lot of inefficiency.”

To Learn More:

Contact: Radiant Vision Systems

Headquarters: Redmond, WA, USA

Product:Area Color Inspection System (ACIS™)

Key Features: Combines text inspection and area measurement with color measurement, Measure multiple locations simultaneously across an area to inspect color accuracy between points, Imaging with pixel resolution of ≥ 10 μm

What Radiant Vision Systems says:

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