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June 1, 2009
The CV-5000 vision system offers ultrahigh-speed image processing for production lines.

System capable of 20-million-pixel inspections

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The CV-5000 vision system offers ultrahigh-speed image processing for production lines. The 5-Mpixel camera transfers 2432 × 2050-pixel images in 61.2 ms (16.3 times/s), 11 times faster than previous models. Up to four 5-Mpixel cameras capable of transferring images simultaneously can be used to allow high-definition inspections of up to 20 million pixels. The system allows simultaneous use of other camera types.
Keyence Corp. of America, Woodcliff Lake, NJ, USA

Lens designed for high-res SWIR cameras

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The SWIR SOLO 50 is an optimized 50-mm focal length lens for advanced imaging in the 0.7-to-1.7-µm spectral range. It features a manual locking focus and optics that deliver greater than 90% throughput from 0.9 to 1.7 µm. The lens has a fixed aperture at f/1.4 that provides sharp imagery with low distortion. Designed for large focal plane arrays (up to 640 × 512 pixels with a 25-µm pixel pitch), the camera optics are suitable for demanding, low-light-level imaging tasks.
Sensors Unlimited, part of Goodrich Corp.
Princeton, NJ, USA

Custom lenses available in large format

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Custom large-format lenses provide the high resolution over a large image format required by current and future generation megapixel linescan and area-scan sensors and cameras used in scientific and machine-vision applications. Unlike off-the-shelf lenses, custom lenses are designed to fully meet the optical and mechanical demands for high center-to-edge resolution, low distortion, and application-specific f-number performance. The lenses are also diffraction limited and feature a large depth of field, a wide field of view for close-up imaging, and high contrast.
Resolve Optics, Chesham, UK,

Vision sensors handle up to 16 detection tasks

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With the VOS302 and VOS312 vision sensors, up to 16 jobs can be simultaneously stored and individually retrieved. The jobs can be activated directly by the control system; a job management system is also available. Presence and completeness checks, position detection, shape comparisons, and other tasks can be executed. The sensor parameters can be optimized by using the simulation modus. The sensors feature high resolution (640 × 480-pixel), IP67 protection classification, and Ethernet and RS-422 interfaces.
Pepperl + Fuchs
Mannheim, Germany

Spherical camera system includes full hardware and software package

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The anodized black “stealth” Ladybug3 model has been introduced to accommodate OEM customer requests for a more subtle appearance. Applications may include geographical information systems (GIS) for street-level viewing, high-end security and surveillance, and roadway or city infrastructure mapping. The spherical digital video system delivers 360° visual coverage using six Sony CCDs. It is designed for applications that require ultrahigh resolution, a weather-resistant case, direct FireWire connection, and the ability to synchronize to external devices such as an external trigger or light source. The camera is precalibrated to enable high-quality spherical image stitching and uses an embedded JPEG compression engine and 800-Mbit/s FireWire interface to stream full 12-Mpixel images at 15 frames/s to the host system. Each system comes complete with a Ladybug3 camera, a license of the Ladybug software development kit (SDK), FireWire card and cable, and mounting system.
Point Grey Research
Richmond, BC, Canada

Longwave infrared imager uses <0.6 W of power

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The shutterless 384 × 288-pixel, 25-µm-pitch MICROCAM thermal imaging camera module weighs 26 g (1 oz) and features a 4 × 4-cm (1.57 × 1.57-in.) board size, along with <0.6 W power consumption. The XTi shutterless technology combined with the MICROCAM provide a solid-state IR imager with no mechanical moving parts or interruption to vision.
Cambridge, UK

Mini vision system now available in color

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Three new color vision systems are available for the In-Sight Micro product line. The entry level In-Sight Micro 1100C model provides a standard (640 × 480-pixel) resolution color vision system. The In-Sight 1400C model doubles the processor performance for more demanding applications. The In-Sight 1403C model is a 2-Mpixel (1600 × 1200-pixel resolution) system that enables high-resolution inspection for a variety of color applications. In-Sight Explorer version 4.3 software introduces two new color tools. Color Match is a high-speed color sortation tool that provides 24-bit color resolution. Color Extract allows users to quickly train complex color models for state-of-the-art color analysis. The software also brings 6 new vision tools and 22 filters to the EasyBuilder configuration environment. Support for CC-link and MC Protocol has been added to the list of communication capabilities available in In-Sight vision systems.
Natick, MA, USA

Gigabit Ethernet cameras control motorized lenses

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The integrated lens controller of the PicSight-AS-RTF and PicSight-Smart-AS-RTF allows the control of motorized zoom lenses over three independent channels. The three channels, normally configured for zoom, focus, and aperture can be set and read back. The interface has been designed to be compatible with most lenses available on the market (requirements: C-mount or CS-mount; direct current motors; and an input voltage up to 24 V). The cameras use the standard mini Camera Link connector, also known as SDR-26, for electrical connection to the lens. No additional connection to the host PC is required as all the commands are handled by the camera. The repositioning accuracy depends on the lens but is generally about 1%. The camera API provides full control over the lens for any type of application.
Konstanz, Germany

High-speed storage camera reduces need for external lighting components

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The 63 × 63 × 64.5-mm MotionBLITZ EoSens mini high-speed recording camera features integrated GigE Vision and GenICam compatible interfaces. The variable plug position on the rear or left side of the housing simplifies installation in cramped conditions. Photo sensitivity of 2500 ASA monochrome and 2000 ASA color RGB enables use under low light conditions, allowing reduced lighting components and cost. Built-in fixed pattern noise (FPN) correction on a pixel-by-pixel basis corrects black level and dynamic deviation with the help of an internally stored reference image. The selectable, nonlinear dynamic transfer function delivers sharp detail in bright areas, compared to other cameras that saturate. Internal dynamic range is up to 90 dB with a resolution of 1280 × 1024 pixels and 506 frames/s with 8-bit monochrome output or optional 24-bit RGB with Bayer filter. Up to 113,000 frames/s can be achieved with reduced resolution.
Unterschleißheim, Germany

Integrating sphere tests LED modules, light sources

The ISP 1000 integrating sphere has been designed with a 1-m diameter for precise measurement of the total radiant power and luminous flux of lamps. It is suitable for larger and more powerful LED modules with applications in solid-state lighting. Test samples can be placed inside the integrating sphere on a height-adjustable sample stage or in a lamp post with suspended or upright configuration. The setups enable the total luminous flux to be determined in 4π. Light radiation can also be launched from outside through a side port, allowing the heat dissipated from LED modules to be kept out of the sphere (appropriate for testing light sources with a forward radiation pattern). The design reduces the effect of compromising influences caused by baffles and ports to a minimum to improve accuracy.
Instrument Systems
Munich, Germany

CCD camera eliminates dark current

The “Clara” interline CCD camera is based on Sony’s 1.3-Mpixel ICX285 sensor. The company’s vacuum process, in addition to thermal management, has resulted in deep air cooling to -45°C for elimination of dark current, complementing a read noise floor of 3e- rms. Dynamic events can be followed with quantitative stability via low-noise 10- or 20-MHz readout modes, the data channeled through USB 2.0 interface. Proprietary iCam technology, comprehensive I/O functionality, and accurate hardware-generated timestamp support imaging applications, along with the robust design and accessible SDK for OEM integration.
Andor Technology
Belfast, UK

Telecentric lenses feature less than 0.25% distortion

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A series of telecentric lenses features standard reproduction scales of 0.2x (S5LPJ3599), 0.25x (S5LPJ3499), 0.33x (S5LPJ3399), and 0.5x (S5LPJ3299). The lenses offer a uniform working distance of 89 mm. The overall length is also identical to ensure interchangeability of the lenses. With a distortion less than 0.25% and a NA greater than 0.012, the lenses are suitable for various standard applications.
Sill Optics
Wendelstein, Germany

Reference design enables customization of smart cameras

A complete IP surveillance and machine-vision camera reference design based on the Blackfin BF526C processor is now available. The reference design, which aims to help engineers quickly develop and customize “smart camera” designs, implements a complete IP video camera, including the camera lens and a D1/HD1/CIF resolution image sensor. Aimed primarily at engineers developing security surveillance and machine-vision applications, the reference design includes a Blackfin processor running the uClinux operating system. The processor provides camera developers with an integrated audio codec (SSM2603 derivative), streaming video and IP protocols, on-chip DRAM memory, and interfaces for 10/100 Ethernet, USB and SD storage, as well as a native RS-232 port.
Analog Devices
Norwood, MA, USA

Cameras’ 0.03-lux sensitivity supports changing light conditions

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Two new C3 Basic series 1.4-Mpixel cameras—the BM-141GE (monochrome) and the BB-141GE (Bayer color)—are equipped with a GigE Vision interface and are appropriate for outdoor applications with wide-ranging and continuously changing lighting conditions. They are designed around Sony’s ICX-285 2/3-in. progressive-scan CCD (1392 × 1040 pixels), which uses its 6.45-μm pixel size and microlens technology to provide overall sensitivity as low as 0.03 lux with low smear characteristics. It also features extended spectral response in the near-IR region, offering roughly four times the sensitivity of conventional sensors at a 945-nm wavelength. Circuit design and thermal management techniques deliver a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 58 dB. Both cameras feature an advanced Automatic Exposure Function that can simultaneously control gain, shutter, and lens iris. The cameras offer preset shutter speeds up to 1/10,000 s and programmable exposures as short as 63 µs for capturing fast-moving objects.
Copenhagen, Denmark

IEEE 1394 connectors are shielded for increased resistance to EMI/RFI

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A new set of new IEEE 1394 connectors consists of an assortment of six-pin shielded I/O connectors and accessories. Built around a ribbon-style contact interface for reliable, repetitive plug/unplug applications, the connector is capable of carrying either signal or power, allowing flexibility in the location of power supplies to peripheral devices. All IEEE 1394 connectors are shielded for increased resistance to EMI/RFI in machine-vision and industrial control factory environments. Additional features include RoHS compliance; quick-release secure latching system; and the ability to accept a range of wire gauges. Configurations include right-angle, upright through-hole plug (male) and right-angle, and horizontal through-hole plug (male) for boardmount connectors and wiremount receptacles (female) with applicable latching shell kit.
3M Electronic Solutions Division
Austin, TX, USA

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