Cobot-compatible vision sensors announced by Baumer

Nov. 25, 2019
The new vision sensors are compatible with collaborative robots (cobots) developed by Universal Robots.

Baumer has announced the VeriSens XF900 and XC900 robot-compatible vision sensor lines. The new vision sensors are specifically compatible with collaborative robots (cobots), including cobots developed by Universal Robots. The vision sensors can be placed directly on, or above, a cobot.  

According to the manufacturer, SmartGrid technology allows the XF900 or XC900 to eliminate the need for manual calibration of the robot and vision sensor, and VeriSens vision sensors can verify free storage area, carry out quality controls of objects positioned within that space, and identify and measure objects.

The XF900 and XC900 vision sensor lines will be available from December 2019.


To Learn More:

Contact: Baumer
Headquarters: Radeberg, Germany
Product: XF900 and XC900 vision sensors
Key Features: Compatible with collaborative robots.

What Baumer says: View more information on the XF900 and XC900 vision sensors.

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