M-1000iA Robot for Heavy Products

Jan. 24, 2022

FANUC America has introduced the M-1000iA robot capable of handling very heavy products including automotive components, construction materials, and battery packs for electric vehicles. It can extend its arm upright or rotate it backward, which is not possible for typical heavy-payload robots with a parallel-link mechanism. It offers a 1,000-kg payload, a 3,253-mm horizontal reach, and a 4,297-mm vertical reach. Other features include wide J3 axis motion range in vertical and horizontal direction, smooth serial-link design that allows back-flip operation on the J3 axis for flexibility, dual motors on J2/J3 axis to support heavy payload at large offsets from wrist and at full extension, and IP67 wrist and J3 arm rating for harsh environments.

To Learn More:

Contact: FANUC America
Headquarters: Rochester Hills, MI, USA
Product: M-1000iA Robot
Key Features: 1,000-kg payload; 3,253-mm horizontal reach; 4,297-mm vertical reach; wide J3 axis motion range in vertical and horizontal direction.

What FANUC America says: View more information on the M-1000iA Robot.

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