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Camera captures details in near-UV; Cable supports GigE Vision cameras; Polarized ringlight reduces glare; Linescan camera has high resolution; and MORE…

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Camera captures details in near-UV

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CS3930UV machine-vision camera uses near-UV light to see superficial defects, such as scratches or dust. Equally effective in document proofing and microscopy, the CS3930UV’s 1/2-in. progressive-scan CCD is sensitive to light below the visible spectrum up to 240 nm to yield measurement accuracy approximately twice that of standard machine-vision cameras operating with white or red light. The camera enhances inspection results with its 1.5-Mpixel resolution, a square grid pattern, random trigger shutter, 7.5-frame/s capture rate, and 10-bit LVDS digital interface.
Toshiba Teli
Irvine, CA, USA

Cable supports GigE Vision cameras

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High-flex DataCELL cable, GEV-1000, is designed for the GigE Vision market. GEV-1000 meets mechanical, electrical, and shielding requirements of industrial GigE Vision camera installations and interfaces with standard and specialty Ethernet cable connectors. Cable conforms with NEXT, characteristic impedance, length, return loss, and HDTDX parameters. GEV-1000 is suitable for use in motion applications and has dual shields (braid and foil), industrial-grade construction, and a weld flash-resistant TPE outer cable jacket. It is oil- and abrasion-resistant and is suitable for outdoor installation.
Osceola, WI, USA

Polarized ringlight reduces glare

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The RL-9 high-output LED ringlight comes with a polarizing option that diminishes glare from reflective objects. It functions by allowing light from the device’s LEDs to pass through a polarizing film before illuminating the object. Light bounces off the object and passes through an analyzer before arriving at the eye of the operator or the lens of the camera. Rotating the ring at the center of the ringlight aligns the analyzer with the polarizer. The result is an image that has less glare and more contrast.
Portland, OR, USA

Linescan camera has high resolution

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High-resolution color linescan camera, the MCS-7300, reaches a maximum line frequency of 7.7 kHz and a data-transfer rate of 180 Mbytes/s at a resolution of 7300 pixels. Through a modular system of lens adapters, the MCS camera can be combined with all standard lenses. During image capture, continuous white balancing ensures a consistently high color quality. A pixel-based correction feature compensates for the variations in pixel sensitivity, as well as for the illumination gradient. An easy-to-operate software package allows configuration of the camera via its integrated serial interface.
Konstanz, Germany

Frame grabber is programmable

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Model 314 frame grabber is a low-cost MPEG-1/2/4 and MJPEG frame grabber that captures full-frame (720 x 480) video at 30 frames/s. Uncompressed video is available through the PC/104+ bus for previewing. It has two synchronized audio-input channels and on-screen display of text. The 314 performs motion detection in three regions of interest, each programmable. Bit rates range from 800 kbytes/s to 10 Mbytes/s. Linux, QNX, and Windows drivers are supplied, and a Fast Windows stream player is available.
Portland, OR, USA

Multiprocessors deliver bandwidth

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PowerMatrix family of multiprocessor systems offers a wide range of configuration flexibility with versions supporting from 10 to 48 processors. The PowerMatrix-48 DSP, a 21-slot rack-mount system supports up to 48 PowerPC 1.25-GHz processors and delivers up to 480 GFLOPS peak performance. The PowerMatrix-10 SMP, an 8-slot rack-mount system, supports up to 20 PowerPC 1.0-GHz processors for peak performance up to 160 GFLOPS. PowerMatrix systems have spare VME slots and PMC sites to build custom configurations. Software support includes Linux 2.6, VxWorks 5.5 or 6.2, Global Buffer Manager, Curtiss-Wright’s IPC InterProcessor Communications, and SSSL signal-processing library.
Curtiss-Wright Controls
Charlotte, NC, USA

Transcoder eliminates loss

JPEG 2000 transcoder for the PICTools MedX software development kit permits many operations to be performed without decompressing and recompressing images, thus eliminating generational loss. It is a low-level C library that allows developers to build applications that convert JPEG 2000 images from one layout to another. The JPEG 2000 Transcoder can change the number of layers, adjust image file size, compression rate, and overall quality, convert from lossless to lossy compression, re-encode for efficient JPIP transmission, and extract encoded thumbnails from images.
Pegasus Imaging
Tampa, FL, USA

Tables offer design flexibility

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The 402XE and 403XE linear positioning tables are designed to reduce overall machine cost and allow manufacturers to speed time to market. The tables are available in a compact package with motor and limit sensors included, or for simple customization, the 402/403XE can be ordered with mounting for other motors to meet customer-specific requirements. The 402/403XE utilizes a steel “U” channel body design creating a more rigid structure when compared to traditional positioning tables. The design also allows for integration of the bearing and ball screw nut, creating a more compact overall footprint while providing higher load-carrying capacities versus traditional bearing/actuator designs.
Electromechanical Automation
Irwin, PA, USA

Software is enhanced

Scorpion 5.0 includes new tools: Blob4-which is enhanced with Polygon Model Wizard and Shape Classification; ColorAnalyzer-which measures size and position of color objects; and SurfaceAnalyzer-which combines color, texture, and shape classification. New features support the XCI-SX1 Sony SmartCam, including a special Scorpion XP Embedded Image with the Scorpion framework installed. The camera is directly mounted to a robot communicating over RS-232 or TCP/IP.
Oslo, Norway

Coaxial lighting is compact

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Compact coaxial illumination system (CIS) provides stable and homogeneous light output over an 18 × 18-mm (0.7 × 0.7-in.) area with a working distance of 15-35 mm (0.6 -1.4 in.). The product features a one-piece optical unit for improved performance and dust resistance. It can be used for flaw detection, identification, and optical character recognition and is available with either red or white LEDs.
Volpi USA
Auburn, NY, USA

Lens is radiation-hardened

Lens is designed for high performance with large-image-format remote-head cameras in applications such as nuclear vision. The 20-mm fixed-focus nonbrowning lens can withstand radiation exposure up to 53 kGy and temperatures up to 55˚C without discoloration. Designed to give a 40° field of view in both the vertical and horizontal planes and 25 cycles/mm, it has been optimized for a 12.8 × 12.8-mm image sensor. Measuring 30 mm in diameter, the f/2 lens delivers high resolution and minimum geometric distortion from 400 to 750 nm.
Resolve Optics
Chesham, UK

System inspects surfaces

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NPI Series Quartz Rod Line illumination system uses proprietary internal-reflection technology to generate a uniform line of light making camera inspection of reflective surfaces routine and reproducible. In the NPI system light from a traditional cold light source (halogen lamp, metal halide lamp) is directed onto the end of a silvered quartz rod by means of a condensing lens. The resultant emitted light is even and brighter than that achievable using LED or fiberoptic lighting adapted with diffusers to achieve greater uniformity.
Moritex Europe
Cambridge, UK

Lenses have C-mount

Series of high-resolution lenses for C-mount cameras with a maximum 1-in. image sensor size, vicotar T201 series, is available for use at one of two working distances. There are eight telecentric lenses in the T201 series, all 71 mm in diameter and 260 mm long overall. The working distances can be selected between 140 and 280 mm. Maximum object-field diameter is 57 mm.
Vision & Control
Suhl, Germany

Camera works in low light

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Li045 Intelligent Network Camera is available in the UK through BFi OPTiLAS. It uses Texas Instruments DaVinci technology to deliver advanced image processing, video analytics, and a variety of compression techniques. The Li045, with onboard video analytics, is designed for security applications in difficult lighting conditions. It provides ultrawide dynamic range of +120 dB, 30 frames/s at full 720 x 540 resolution, and JPEG and H.264 compression. Using the DaVinci technology-based processor, the camera enables analysis at the camera head, relieving the network of loading real-time video to backroom servers.BFi OPTiLAS
Milton Keynes, UK

Program enables bridging

Serial RapidIO-to-PCIe Bridge IP Core is designed for applications that require high-bandwidth bridging between PCI Express devices and Serial RapidIO fabrics and devices. It bridges a 4X serial RapidIO port, operating up to 3.125 GHz, to an 8X PCI Express port operating at 2.5 GHz, through an intelligent nontransparent bridge. It features complete protocol translation, an optimized dual-channel multithreaded DMA engine, and a pipelined PCI Express-to-RapidIO mapping table to address high-throughput streaming applications. It also features mailbox message queueing, PCIe MSI/MSI-X interrupt controller, RapidIO-to-PCIe Atomic transaction encapsulation, access protection, real-time event counters, and error management.
Mercury Computer Systems
Chelmsford, MA, USA

Camera displays live images

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DP20 digital camera offers easy-to-view live display of high-resolution images at 15 frames/s and stand-alone operation. The 2-Mpixel CCD DP20 digital camera does not require a PC for operation and can interface directly with a monitor or projector. The camera produces 1600 × 1200-pixel images, which can be displayed on a UXGA high-definition monitor. Images can be stored in different resolutions onto an up-to-4-Gbyte Compact Flash card and can be transferred to a PC via USB 2.0.
Olympus Life and Material Science Europa
Southampton, UK

Software runs on Sony XCI-V3

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Release 3.1.1 of ActivVisionTools runs on Sony’s XCI-V3 camera. ActivVisionTools’ open software architecture is extensible and scalable, and an image acquisition interface for the Sony XCI-V3 is now integrated in the ActivVisionTools software. When the program is installed on the Sony XCI-V3 smart camera, the camera works like a PC under Windows XP for rapid development of machine-vision applications. Several of the tools, including ActivAlignment, ActivBarcode, ActivBlobFinder, ActivDataCode, ActivMeasure, ActivOCR, are based on the Halcon library.
MVTec Software
Munich, Germany

Lenses have less distortion

Raptar Pro line of large-format imaging lenses are designed for the linescan and large-area sensor markets. The 1X Raptar Pro 86 mm with a nominal magnification of 1.0X can image onto sensors up to 90 mm with less than 0.1% distortion, resulting in sharpness and contrast at apertures ranging from f/4 to f/22. Sized for 12k linescan sensors, the 1X Raptar Pro produces up to 100-lp/mm image space resolution and is optimized for working distances of 95 mm. Mounting options are available for T, C, F, and SLR camera formats, and a special rear coupler is available for the DALSA 12k Piranha cameras.
Rochester, NY, USA

Interline sensor offers high speed

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KAI-16000 image sensor is a 35-mm, optical-format 16-Mpixel CCD targeted at the industrial, scientific, aerial, and security markets. Key features include electronic shutter, progressive-scan readout, two 30-MHz high-speed outputs, and a combination of low noise and high sensitivity. It can be integrated into new camera designs, ensuring short product-development cycles.
Eastman Kodak
Rochester, NY, USA

Sensor is unconventional

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Vision sensor MD535V2A1 features ultrawide operating range thanks to an auto-exposure principle using integration time measurement at the pixel level. The sensor includes on-chip analog computation of magnitude and direction of image contrasts. A temporal ordering of this information according to the contrast magnitude is used to reduce the amount of data delivered. Each feature set (contrast, direction, and luminance) can be output independently for each frame.
Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Software is for microscope cameras

Version 2.1 of the camera control and image capture software for ProgRes microscope cameras comes with extended measurement functionality, optimized time-lapse image capturing, and more comfortable handling. The software now offers more measurement functions. It is possible to conduct an unlimited number of measurements such as line, ellipse, angle, rectangle, polygon, and freeform in both the live and the captured image. Time-stamp protocol files provide an easy follow-up to captured sequences.
JENOPTIK Laser, Optik, Systeme
Jena, Germany

Cameras have lockable connector

The FOculus IEEE1394 camera series now includes the FO442SB/SC with a 2/3-in. CCD image sensor. The series comes in monochrome and color and are available in VGA/XGA resolution. The lens mount can be C-/CS-mount. The series is IIDC 1.31 compliant. The cameras are available with a lockable IEEE-1394 connector.
New Electronic Technology
Finning, Germany

GigE Vision cameras are rugged

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New line of ultracompact Gigabit Ethernet cameras, the GC-Series cameras, measure 4.3 × 4.6 × 3.3 cm. These GigE Vision-compliant cameras weigh about 99 grams, making them useful for semiconductor inspection, avionics, and robotic applications. Features include region-of-interest readout, binning modes to 8 × 8 pixels, high frame rates, and various color-output modes including RGB. The cameras also include on-camera color interpolation, rugged design, and a SDK.
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Color cameras have Camera Link

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CIS Corporation’s line of color, high-speed megapixel cameras offer selectable RGB or RAW data output. The highest-resolution model has 2-Mpixel true UXGA 1620 x 1220 resolution at 30 frames/s. Two SXGA models are available with the standard model offering 38 frames/s and a low-sensitivity model with a minimum illumination requirement of 0.5 lux offering 34 frames/s. All models have partial scan modes and Camera Link interface.
Wilsonville, OR, USA

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