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Aug. 1, 2006
Robot mounts on rail; Sockets save space; Small FireWire camera delivers options; IR camera is programmable; and MORE…

Robot mounts on rail

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Jet robot is a six-axis robot mounted on a linear unit either upside down or sideways, depending on the application, and is available in four configurations with different reaches and working ranges with payloads ranging from 30 to 60 kg. It allows parts to be withdrawn from the machine in a longitudinal direction, making it possible to serve a number of machines in a row. Up to two robots can be controlled on one linear axis.
KUKA Robotics
Clinton Township, MI, USA

Sockets save space

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Image sensors packaged in 48- and 64-pad ceramic leadless chip carriers (LCCs) are a space-saving alternative to the traditional dual-inline package. The LCC image-sensor socket has a two-finger beryllium copper contact into which the constellations of the sensor are inserted. One finger of the contact is imbedded into the plastic housing, while the other provides a spring for the inbound castellation. As the temperature rises, the contact adjusts to the expansion of the ceramic substrate.
Andon Electronics
Lincoln, RI, USA

Small FireWire camera delivers options

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Firefly MV is a small, inexpensive, easy-to-use IEEE-1394 digital camera with a 25 × 40-mm board-level footprint, multiple IEEE-1394 connector options, and external trigger and strobe functionality. It is based on 1/3-in. CMOS sensors with global shutter and delivers 640 × 480-pixel images at 60 frames/s. Features include a 10-bit digitizer, auto/manual gain and exposure controls, and high sensitivity in the near-IR. The Firefly MV is available in monochrome and color models.
Point Grey Research
Vancouver, BC, Canada

IR camera is programmable

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SILVER 660M is a large-format (640 × 512 pixels) cooled IR camera that delivers 100-Hz full-frame rate while maintaining linearity, high resolution, and sensitivity (typically 15 mK). The camera is programmable from 1 to 100 Hz in full-frame mode, offers a subarray windowing mode with integration time adjustable in 1-µs increments, and has smart external triggering capability. The SILVER 660M offers plug-and-play compatibility with standard computers, as well as third-party frame grabbers and image-processing software. Using either CAMLINK or USB 2.0 interfaces it can transmit commands and transfer video images at 40-MHz pixel rate and full 14-bit dynamic range.
Cedip Infrared Systems
Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Smart camera transmits functions

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XCI-SX1 monochrome camera combines the imager, intelligence, and interface in a single plug-in module. Images captured by the XCI-SX1 are processed within the camera, and the processed data are directly transmitted to a PC over a network. The camera incorporates a progressive-scan CCD with square pixels that produces SXGA (1280 × 1024) images at selectable frames rates of either 15 (SXGA) or 34 frames/s (VGA). The camera features a standard X86 processor running built-in Linux or loadable Windows XPe operating system. It also includes an integrated 258-Mbyte SDRAM and I/O connectivity via Ethernet, USB serial port, and monitor out.
Sony Electronics
Park Ridge, NJ, USA

Card has PCI Express interface

Picolo Alert PCIe video capture card features a 1-lane (x1) PCI Express interface offering a bandwidth of 2 × 180 Mbytes/s compatible with all PCI Express connectors. It has a total digitizing power of 200/240 frames/s that can be freely shared among the 16 video channels without switching delay. The board includes a watchdog circuit and nine professional I/O lines to trigger image capture, strobe during the acquisition, or interface to various alarm systems.
Angleur, Belgium

Dome light is flat

LFX series flat dome light achieves uniform shadowless diffused illumination. The compact, lightweight, thin design enables installation in tight spaces. LED emitting color is selectable from red, white, green, or blue. Input voltage is 24 Vdc.
Kyoto, Japan

Cameras work in industrial setting

RHEIN series digital area-scan CCD cameras have a FireWire interface and an external trigger for industrial applications. They are fully compliant with the IIDC 1.31 specification and operate from 86 frames/s at VGA up to 16 frames/s at 2 Mpixel. Cameras are available in color or monochrome versions.
IMI Technology NA
Enchinitas, CA, USA

Cameras move easily

Excel V series digital FireWire cameras can be moved from one computer to another without the need to shut down or restart the system. The last camera settings are held in memory and become active upon system recognition. Every camera is supplied with an IEEE 1394 PCI card and cable. The Excel V cameras are IIDC-compliant. Features include frame rate of 75 frames/s at 640 × 480, signal-to-noise ratio of 58 dB, and C-mount with adjustable back focus; F-mount adapter is optional.
Michigan City, IN, USA

Camera has adjustable back focus

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The TM-6740 camera series has a C-mount lens flange that lets users adjust back focus to improve image sharpness when using lower-cost zoom lenses or custom optics. Built on the company’s dual-tap AccuPiXEL platform, these cameras offer up to 200 frames/s at full resolution and generate up to 3205 frames/s in partial-scan and binning modes. The cameras feature a Kodak KAI-0340 1/3-in. CCD imager, with 7.4 μm square pixels at a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. Monochrome and Bayer CFA color formats are available. The camera is available with analog and Camera Link dual-tap output or with analog and Gigabit Ethernet dual-tap output.
JAI Camera Solutions
Glostrup, Denmark

Arm positions cameras

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Pneumatically balanced positioning arm mounts to the top or edge of a bench and allows a camera to be positioned in any orientation. The arm has a vertical range of 18 in. and horizontal range of 27 in. Tension can be adjusted to accommodate different weights.
Sewickley, PA, USA

Board supports four cameras

PCI Express frame grabber, the Karbon-CL, can acquire simultaneously from up to four Base Camera Link cameras or two Full Camera Link cameras (including 10-tap CL). It provides zero latency access to data, low CPU usage, and unlimited DMA destination size. Features also include half-size X8 PCI Express board, up to 160-bits input at 85 MHz, and no frame-rate limit. Karbon-CL supports virtual frame grabbers with no change in hardware.
Woburn, MA, USA

Linescan camera gives detail

AViiVA UM8 12K linescan camera provides more-detailed inspection in a multicamera system, with 12K pixels of resolution, eight taps working at 40 MHz, line rates reaching 25K lines per second, and a dynamic range of 64 dB. The housing is compact and ensures heat dissipation and sensor-alignment accuracy. The AViiVA UM8 is delivered with a Camera Link configuration interface that allows easy implementation of the camera into existing systems. It includes fine gain and offset settings, an output mode of 8 to 12 bits, flat-field correction, and automated balancing of the eight taps.
Grenoble, France

Single-board camera is compact

MV-D750E Series CMOS camera is designed for industrial vision applications. It features high dynamic range in a compact, cost-effective single-board design and delivers up to 60 full frames/s at 750 × 400 pixels and 10-bit resolution. Higher frame rates are achievable by using dedicated regions of interest. The Camera Link version measures 55 × 55 × 24 mm; the USB 2.0 version measures 55 × 55 × 35 mm
Lachen, Switzerland

Cable meets FireWire specs

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High-flex 1394b FireWire 800 cable, DataCELL MVC-800 meets requirements of camera installations in demanding factory environments. It is a UL-recognized and CSA-approved AWM style cable, with two 26AWG data pairs insulated with foamed polyethylene and a 22AWG PVC-insulated power pair, 100% coverage foil/polyester shielding with two drain wires, and an overall tinned copper braid for optimal shielding performance. The outer jacket is flexible oil-resistant PVC, and the cable is flame rated to FT-1. Standard color is matte black.
Osceola, WI, USA

PC driver runs most protocols

eBUS, a PC driver, uses the company’s eBUS software to transform almost any GigE NIC into a high-performance, multimode IP data receiver. Its straightforward installation tool makes it fast and easy to get the driver running on any GigE NIC. The eBUS driver includes a performance configuration optimized for the Intel PRO/1000 family of NICs and 825xx network interface chips. These NICs and chips support the PCI, PCI-X (PCI extension), PCIe (PCI Express), and CSA (Communication Streaming Architecture) buses.
Pleora Technologies
Ottawa, ON, Canada

CMOS camera has CCD quality

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Adimec-4050m is a 4-Mpixel CMOS camera. It features a burst readout mode that allows for increased inspection speeds through temporary high image-capture rates. Up to 140 full frames/s can be achieved with small form factor and low power consumption.
Adimec USA
Stoneham, MA, USA

LED modules come in UV/IR

SpecBright family of LED modules include four products: area lights, line lights, ringlights, and spotlights. They come in a range of UV and IR wavelengths in addition to the conventional visible spectra. The UV wavelengths are of interest to the curing, tracing, and fluorescence communities. There is a range of accessories to complement and control the modules, including heat sinks and stabilized power sources.
Salem, NH, USA

Software controls windowing cameras

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Enhanced imaging software allows full operational control of the high-speed windowing functions on the SU320MSW-1.7RT short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) windowed Snapshot MiniCamera and the SU640SDWH-1.7RT high-resolution SWIR windowing camera. Standalone, executable software options include full control of four preset regions of interest. Alternatively, variable windows can be established by the user. Features include line profiles, region histograms, and spot meter ROI display. It works with National Instruments 1422 (RS-1422) and 1428 frame grabber cards with Camera Link-compatible interface, utilizing the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 6.1.
Sensors Unlimited Goodrich Corporation
Princeton, NJ, USA

Software can be customized

Sherlock 7 machine-vision software includes a toolset with a comprehensive suite of preprocessors, positioning tools, measuring tools, analysis tools, color tools, and identification tools. In addition, a JavaScript-based scripting tool, complete with drag-and-drop editing, is available to develop custom formulas or inline and background operations within the application. For customers with unique or proprietary processing requirements, Sherlock 7 supports the inclusion of custom algorithms.
Billerica, MA, USA

Illuminator features fast output

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Fiber-Lite DC950 machine-vision fiberoptic illuminator is a 150-W quartz halogen regulated illuminator. It features dc-regulated output, fast lamp response, and a 0-5-Vdc remote intensity-control interface with linear voltage adjustment (8-bit D/A module available). The DC950 is made of stackable heavy-duty steel housing with mounting capability. Several illuminating options are available, including color filtering, manual iris (for intensity adjustment at a constant color temperature), and an analog or digital remote interface.
Dolan-Jenner Industries
Boxborough, MA, USA

Adapter replaces CL cable

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PHIRE cables come in a slim metal housing (2.32 × 1.57 × 0.64 in.) and plug directly into any Camera Link camera or frame grabber without Camera Link cables. Available in full Base configuration up to 24 bit and 85 MHz, PHIRE cables consist of a transmitter and receiver pair that enables long-distance transmission of digital image data up to 80 km via one LC-LC duplex single-mode or multimode fiber cable. PHIRE is plug-and-play with no programming required.
Phrontier Technologies
San Jose, CA, USA

Software has been enhanced

Enhanced version of VisiQuest software features a toolbox with 60 additional functions for image registration and segmentation tasks. The new toolbox provides a variety of functions or “glyphs” that help map data of a rotated image to a fixed image. Users can develop solutions by dragging and dropping the glyphs into the visual programming environment. Multiple glyphs for functions such as edge detection and thresholding allow segmentation of an image. Supported platforms include Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris, HPUX, and Apple OSX.
Northborough, MA, USA

Camera outputs live images

EYE-10 is a progressive-scan live-image camera designed as an alternative to a ceiling visualizer. Key specifications include high-resolution (30 frames/s) XGA camera, high resolution 12 times zoom lens, and upgradeable firmware. The camera outputs an XGA live image with 1024 × 768 pixels at 60 or 75 Hz. It can be connected to every data projector, plasma or computer monitor, and most videoconferencing systems. It can be used like a ceiling visualizer (without light) when mounted on the ceiling or integrated into a suspended ceiling.
Burlingame, CA, USA

CE-compliant halogen light sources

Comprising a choice of 100- and 150-W units, all CE marked according to the Low Voltage and EMC Directives, new halogen light sources use a proprietary operating cycle to provide a stable output (±1%) at a higher color temperature (>3000K) and over a longer life span (500-2000 hours) than incandescent bulbs. The light sources can be manually controlled or remotely operated by analog or digital signals. They offer the operational flexibility of universal input voltage (100-240 V, 50/60 Hz).
Moritex Europe
Cambridge, UK

Module is powerful

AV339 is a plug-in module for use with the AV114, AV310, and AV310Q carriers. The image-processing engine is based on the Texas Instruments TMS320DM642 video DSP. It is software-compatible with C64x using Code Composer Studio. The DM642 runs up to a clock rate of 720 MHz. It features a two-level cache-based architecture. The DM642 can perform four 16 × 16 multiplies or eight 8 × 8 multiplies per clock cycle. The module features a single Philips Semiconductors SAA7109AE/108AE video decoder/encoder that accepts most PAL and NTSC standards and can output processed images in PAL/NTSC or VGA format.
Advanced Vision Technology
Chesham, UK

Digital recorders work in real time

Powered by the latest version of the company’s MPEG-4 DigitalSENTRY software, DS RealVue products are based on the Microsoft Windows XP Pro operating system. The DigitalSENTRY client software provides the ability to simultaneously view live or recorded video at full D1 resolution at 30 frames/s from up to nine channels over a network. There are two chassis configurations: DS RealVue RAID and DS RealVue Xpress-DS RealVue RAID is for applications requiring fault tolerance and high levels of redundancy; DS RealVue XPress is a combination database server and video-acquisition unit that is available with 8, 16, and 32 channels.
Integral Technologies
Indianapolis, IN, USA

Exchanger is for Pixim chipsets

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M12-EXM-IRC21 is an IR cut exchanger with integrated miniature lens mount. In low-light conditions the exchanger maximizes the light transmission to the sensor. In full-light conditions the exchanger optimizes the color rendition of an image. The exchanger is designed to work with Pixim DPS chipsets. Operation requires a mating, two-pin connector, and a ±3-V, 100-ms signal. The integrated lens mount is threaded M12 × 0.5 to accept a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom lenses. Because the 34 × 34-mm footprint has mounting holes designed specifically to mate with the Pixim reference PCB, the exchanger is a drop-in replacement for the fixed-lens mount.
Carlsbad, CA, USA

Sensors target digital radiography

KAF-16803 and KAF-09000 image sensors offer sensitivity with high resolution, allowing manufacturers to develop cost-effective systems with improved contrast of fine features. For users requiring high resolution, the 16 million-pixel KAF-16803 sensor provides a significant increase in imaging performance. The 9 million-pixel KAF-09000 incorporates a larger, 1-µm pixel. Both image sensors share the same package and pin-out configuration as the KAF-16801 device, simplifying migration to the improved devices.
Eastman Kodak
Rochester, NY, USA

Camera maintains resolution

High-speed video camera, HyperVision HPV-1, offers video recording up to 1 million frames/s. Image storage is incorporated into the sensor chip. Spatial resolution of the HPV-1 does not deteriorate, even at high frame rates. The camera maintains 312 × 260-pixel resolution at all recording speeds. It incorporates a high-sensitivity design that expands the light-sensitive area per pixel. The features an F-mount and both USB 2.0 and Ethernet ports.
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Columbia, MD, USA

Network cameras are rugged

The IQeye 700 series network cameras deliver high speed with low-light performance in a rugged, compact industrial package. The IQeye 700 Public View Port focuses simply and integrates easily with legacy CCTV systems. Other features include IEEE 802.3AF power-over-Ethernet, CF slot for backup or zero bandwith on-camera recording, and digital image cropping. Cameras fit in standard CCTV outdoor housings.
San Clemente, CA, USA

Camera has dual outputs

Dual-output CCD camera, SmartBlue, delivers high-speed, precise imaging for industrial inspection applications. Its 80-MHz pixel rate yields line rates up to 37 kHz without compromising its noise immunity, precise linearity, and high charge-transfer efficiency. It comes equipped with a Camera Link digital communication interface.
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics
Fremont, CA, USA

CMOS camera is high speed

MC1324/25 is a high-speed CMOS camera with resolution of 1.3 Mpixels (1280 × 1024). At full resolution it can deliver 80 full frames/s and up to 500 filtered images via a standard Gigabit Ethernet interface. A Sobel filter extracts from the image edges and outlines and calculates the center of gravity of detected objects. Features include variable region of interest and frame rate, 8-bit gray scale with three-level digital gain, and ImageBLITZ pattern-change trigger.
Unterschleissheim, Germany

Online system gives 360° view

RTVision.h system is for monitoring profiled beads used in adhesive applications. It has a compact sensor installed directly onto an adhesive-application nozzle and contains the lighting, as well as the lenses, from several synchronous cameras. The cameras capture the adhesive bead from different views and together provide a 360° image of the track. The sensor has a direct view of all the dimensions of the track and automatically follows any change of direction when the robot runs. The RTVision.h does not require a moving cable, slip rings, or joints. The LED lighting component is maintenance-free and does not require any special safety measures.
Puchheim, Germany

Sensors use triangulation

Unlike traditional one-line laser triangulators, GGS and RGS sensors work with LED projection processes. Any number of lines can be projected onto the object being measured, allowing complete 3-D surface replication. Processes for 2-D feature recognition are used in combination with the triangulation process. LED area illumination, integrated in the sensor, provides contrast. The working distances of the sensors range between 100 and 1500 mm. Measurements are accurate up to 0.01 mm.
ISRA Vision Systems
Darmstadt, Germany

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