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Feb. 1, 2007
Sensor modules offer color; Linescan-camera family adds color; Sensor measures temperature; Microscopy camera is easy to use; AND MORE…

Sensor modules offer color

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Sensor modules MTCS-TIAM1 and MTCS-TIAM2 offer a color sensor board with optical shutters, which, along with the MTCSiCS true-color sensor IC, integrates the MTI04CQ transimpedance amplifier using compact chip-on-board technology. The board can be provided with two optional white-light LEDs and an aperture for screening from the environment for compliance with DIN5033. The MTCS-TIAM2 comprises a true-color sensor IC with an integrated signal amplifier. The IC is packaged in a plastic casing and is for color measurements based on the tristimulus value function in accordance with DIN 5033-CIE Lab.
Jena, Germany

Linescan-camera family adds color

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Piranha family of linescan cameras now includes a color model. The Piranha Color is available in 2k or 4k resolutions with line rates up to 33 kHz. It features easy setup, built-in flat-field correction, and Camera Link interface. Its trilinear sensor technology uses three sensors on one die and achieves 3-pixel center-to-center line spacing.
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Sensor measures temperature

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MLX90614 infrared thermometer is a small, cost-effective noncontact thermometer that delivers a fully calibrated, digital temperature reading of a remote object. It integrates an IR sensor and a custom signal-conditioning chip in one TO-can package. The sensing element is an automotive-grade silicon chip with a thin, micromachined membrane heated by the IR radiation of a distant object. The sensor transmits the result to the user‘s application either over an SMBus or by a continuous PWM signal. The MLX90614 applies advanced low noise amplifiers, a 17-bit ADC, and powerful DSP unit in its signal conditioning chip allowing a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.
Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems
Brussels, Belgium

Microscopy camera is easy to use

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PL-S621CU microscopy camera features a USB 2.0 interface for simplified connectivity and ease of use. The PL-S621CU will connect to any microscope supporting a standard C-mount. It is a 1.3-Mpixel color camera using a 1/2-in. CMOS sensor capable of achieving 15 frames/s at maximum resolution of 1280 × 1024 pixels. It is designed for brightfield microscopy and includes Capture Basic Edition software, providing users with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for capturing images. In addition, there is a high-speed USB 2.0 cable.
Ottawa, ON, Canada

AOI systems are optimized

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OptiCon BasicLine AOI systems have an enhanced illumination unit that increases throughput. The systems automatically open and close the PCB loading area. A color camera enables a lifelike visualization of faults in the repair station software. The AOI software, OptiCon Pilot, is easy to use and generates programs quickly.
GÖPEL electronic
Jena, Germany

Lighting series is slim

Vicolux Power Flash lighting FAL series (for incident lighting) and FDL series (for transmitted lighting) have radiant field diagonals of 4, 6, and 8 in. and are available in eight wavelengths. Also included are lighting and control electronics seamlessly integrated into the 21-mm-thick hard-anodized aluminum housing. All lighting can handle 10-30-Vdc input voltages. Regulated current pulses of up to 200 A are produced internally, allowing the LEDs to emit light up to 50 times higher intensity compared with conventional lighting. The respective sizes of the radiant fields are 60 × 90, 90 × 120, and 120 × 180 mm.
Vision & Control
Suhl, Germany

Converter is small

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Monolithic 12-bit, 500-Msample/s analog-to-digital converter offers 64.5-dB signal-to-noise ratio and up to 500-MHz input frequency in a 14 × 14-mm package. The ADS5463 provides 84-dBc SFDR, 10.5 ENOB, and an input bandwidth of 2 GHz while consuming 2.25-W power. It includes an internal reference generator and LVDS outputs with a half-clock-rate, data-ready signal to simplify designs.
Texas Instruments
Dallas, TX, USA

Robot is flexible

The Viper s1700 is a 20-kg payload robot that features a 171-mm-reach working envelope. It provides high flexibility with its six degrees of freedom and can be floor or ceiling mounted. The Adept Viper s1700 system is for applications such as material handling, packaging, and machine tending. It runs on Adept SmartServo controller technology. The company’s robots come with access to its software.
Adept Technology
Livermore, CA, USA

Integrating sphere is precise

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UPB-150-ART integrating sphere is for multipurpose single- or double-beam reflectance transmittance measurement applications in both ±8° and 0° geometries. The 150-mm-diameter ODP97 coated UPB-150-ART has five precision CNC-machined application ports and one detector port that supports the company’s line of sphere detectors or that can be adapted to mount others. Accessory parts can be fixtured on the port by hand without tools, making the system suitable for production and laboratory environments.
Puchheim, Germany

Frame grabbers have many lanes

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Family of PCI Express frame grabbers can be used in conjunction with company’s EUROCOM 400 COM Express single-board computer with dual-core Intel Xeon processor LV 2.0-GHz CPU. COM Express on the EUROCOM 400 provides x8, x4, x2, and x1 PCIe lanes to transport data. The PC_EYE/MONO frame grabber is designed to support four cameras in multiplex mode. The PC_EYE/RGB is a color frame grabber for PCI Express. It supports two RGB cameras in multiplex mode with reset/restart functions.
American ELTEC
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Illuminator is high-intensity

VIGI-Lux 5770 ir illuminator provides up to 50 J/flash of high-intensity illumination and is available in both narrow- and wide-beam configurations. The xenon flashlamp in the VIGI-Lux 5770 allows the system to cover the full light spectrum from ultraviolet to the infrared. A standard IR long-pass filter removes all wavelengths under 780 nm, making the strobe invisible to the naked eye. The system is housed in a rugged weatherproof enclosure to protect against harsh environments.
Fremont, CA, USA

Lenses improve images

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Low-shading LS 16-64-mm optics lenses are for application with high-resolution sensors. Microlenses in front of CCD arrays cause vignetting due to divergent rays at the image plane. This effect is avoided with low shading lenses. Image quality is improved with the use of high-quality, abnormal glasses. Each system has 9-12 lenses. All lenses have a variable iris and variable focus.
Ing-Buro Klaus Eckerl
Hutthurm, Germany

Software is enhanced

ImageGear Professional version 15, ImageGear Enterprise version 15, and ImageGear MD version 15 offer imaging application software developers many new features, including JPIP compression streaming protocol support, the ability to read and write vector data, enhancements to PDF file editing, and medical waveform support. In addition, these toolkits support the upcoming Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. As a result, developers will not need to modify their applications for the future Vista release.
Northborough, MA, USA

Camera has software package

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Easy-to-use software-development kit (SDK) allows control of all camera-related parameters. The SDK is identical throughout the uEye camera series, thus eliminating the need for reprogramming after a change of model. The resolution ranges from 640 × 480 pixels through to the 5-Mpixel variant with 2048 × 1950 pixels. Choices include cameras with CCD or CMOS sensors, with monochrome or color technology, and with rolling or global shutters. Models with internal memory are also available to allow synchronous triggering and asynchronous reading of data in multicamera applications.
IDS Imaging Development Systems
Obersulm Germany

Cameras are rugged

PS camera series is designed for software development integration and combines good signal quality, industrial design, and state-of-the-art software environment. The low-noise cameras come equipped with Camera Link or FireWire interface; GigE Vision is in preparation. Standard functions such as 12-bit processing, real-time color processing, and bining can be combined with features such as second serial interface. Housings are hexagonal or cubic.
Kappa opto-electronics
Gleichen, Germany

Camera is waterproof

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The 2 1/4 × 4 × 1 1/8 in., 130-gram camera system from Elmo, the remote-head SUV-Cam, captures high-resolution video that can be quickly viewed on the built-in 2.2-in. LCD display. Frame-by-frame instant playback with a bookmark function is easy to access with single-button operation. The CCD remote-head camera is housed in a waterproof, rugged stainless-steel “lipstick” case. The standard 3.8-mm lens realizes 36.5 mm in wide angle field of view at 35-mm film camera conversion.
Wilco Imaging
San Diego, CA, USA

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