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Camera captures moving objects; GigE camera family expands; Network device is fully scalable; C-mount lenses are enhanced; and MORE…

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Camera captures moving objects

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UI-1480-C camera has 2560 × 1920-pixel resolution with rolling shutter. The camera’s flash support and global start shutter mode allow capture of moving objects without any time delay. Up to 6 frames/s are possible in high-resolution full-frame mode. With the double subsampling function, the camera achieves 19 frames/s with a resolution of 1.3 Mpixels. It is 34 × 32 × 27.4 mm, weighs 62 grams, and features a C-mount lens connection, external trigger input, digital output, and USB 2.0 interface
IDS Imaging Development Systems
Obersulm, Germany

GigE camera family expands

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The Genie-M1024 and Genie-M1400 are low-cost GigE cameras. The Genie-M1024 uses a 1/3-in. monochrome CCD image sensor with a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels, offering a pixel size of 4.65 × 4.65 at 20 frames/s. The Genie-M1400 uses a 1/2-in. monochrome CCD image sensor with a resolution of 1360 × 1024 pixels at 15 frames/s. Both cameras transmit data over standard CAT-5e and CAT-6 cables to distances up to 100 m. Genie cameras are supported by the company’s Sapera Essential machine-vision software
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Network device is fully scalable

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nVision is a fully integrated network device for remote video streaming and capture over Ethernet. Its compact size allows it to be installed anywhere a network connection exists. nVision is equipped with a Texas Instruments DM642 video processor, making it useful for video analytics applications. It can be programmed through a comprehensive API. Features include fully scalable JPEG compression, simultaneous transfer of compressed or uncompressed video, 64-Mbyte SDRAM frame buffer, and general-purpose I/O triggers
dPict Imaging
Indianapolis, IN, USA

C-mount lenses are enhanced

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Xenoplan and Cinegon compact C-mount lenses have been upgraded to include built-in accessory threads that simplify filter mounting. The new filter threads have been added to lenses having focal lengths ranging from 4.8 to 50 mm, featuring image circles with 2/3- or 1-in. formats and up to 22-mm diagonal. Additional lens features include a new enhanced-precision iris that improves control of gray-scale calibration. A focus mechanism enables very fine focus adjustment and locking without backlash. Xenoplan and Cinegon lenses also feature a broadband antireflection coating, which maximizes transmission and improves image contrast by reducing stray light
Schneider Optics
Hauppauge, NY, USA

Processors improve digital video

TMS320DM643x processors are the first DSP-only devices for DaVinci technology. All four processors feature the TMS320C64x+ core and operate between 300 and 600 MHz. Three of the processors are suitable for automotive vision applications, such as lane-departure warning and collision avoidance. They support the CAN bus interface, a network that enables multiple microcontrollers to communicate with each other. The devices will meet the AEC-Q100 automotive quality standard. The four processors provide 32-Kbyte L1P cache/SRAM and either 32- or 80-Kbyte L1D and 64- or 128-Kbyte L2 cache/SRAM memory and an asynchronous 8-bit-wide EMIF to support NOR flash and NAND flash interfaces
Texas Instruments
Dallas, TX, USA

Lighting reaches out

Vicolux SPOT50 series is suitable for lighting tasks requiring large distances between the lighting and test object. Adjustable and lockable focusing optics produce spot diameters from 50 to 200 mm. SPOT50 lighting can work over large lighting distances, such as are typical in robotics. Also, the new lighting is suitable for applications in which cramped conditions hinder the use of lighting from short distances. Mounting is via M6 screws or via the Montech aluminum profile mounting system. The lighting optics can be safeguarded by use of a protective plate that screws onto the filter thread of the unit
Vision & Control
Suhl, Germany

Sensor gives security

MT9P031 1/2.5-in. CMOS sensor has high resolution allowing it to evaluate a small sensor area that can be arbitrarily positioned and displaced (pan/tilt function) on the entire chip surface. High readout speed, rapid automatic exposure control, as well as an autofocus function are features that enable a very small shot-to-shot delay. With its operating temperature range of 30°C to +70°C, the MT9P031 is optimal for outdoor applications
Micron Technology
Boise, ID, USA

Sensor is ID tool

SCS1 series of compact smart camera sensors with integrated or external illuminator (ring illuminator, continuous red light) offer 640 × 480 VGA resolution. The sensors have interchangeable optics with standard CS-mount. They can work in a stand-alone mode without any external control. Inspection and identification tools are available
San Pietro, Italy

CVB is GigE Vision compatible

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Recent release 9.0.1 of Common Vision Blox (CVB) machine-vision software library includes updates for the CVB Image Manager. CVB meets specifications of the GigE Vision and GenICam machine-vision standards. Some useful wizards have been added for the Microsoft .NET-Languages, making CVB a vision development environment that offers wizards for VB.Net, VC.Net, and C#.Net. The CVB display speed has been further enhanced by almost 50%, which raises the transfer rate from memory into the display from 80 to 120 Mbytes/s. A new file format enables the user to load a list of images from hard disk or via a network. CVB and the Service Pack 1 can be downloaded at no cost from the Web at
Stemmer Imaging
Puchheim, Germany

Module aids microscopy

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Differential interference contrast (DIC) module is designed for video imaging. When used with one of the company’s high-magnification lenses (zoom or non-zoom), the DIC allows users to image a microscopy sample to a video monitor. The DIC system enables a user to view a 3-D representation of the surface geometry of a sample, provided a distinction can be realized between raised and lowered regions. This technique is effective when using transmitted light on reflective surfacesuch as semiconductor wafers, flat-panel displays, diamonds, translucent biological samples, and optical media (hard drives)
Rochester, NY, USA

Rotary stages are fast

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ALAR series direct-drive rotary stages provide angular positioning and velocity control with large apertures, load capability, and high speeds. The stages operate from 45 to 300 rpm continuous rotation, faster than worm-drive stages. To maximize positioning performance, the ALAR series utilizes the company’s brushless, slotless motors that have no brushes to wear, no gear trains to maintain, and high acceleration and high speeds. The ALAR comes in two different configurations: the standard profile unit has high payload capacity and high moment load stiffness; the low profile unit has high payload capacity and is for applications where the axis of rotation is parallel to gravity
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Appliance is convenient

VA15 vision appliance combines a CCD imager and a suite of tools to tackle a range of applications. Housed in a compact, DIN-mountable enclosure, the VA15 provides quick user setup and factorywiring, and a remote small-format camera with 640 × 480-pixel resolution. The state of each of the industrial-grade inputs and outputs is reflected by an associated LED light on the front of the unit. I/O connections are exposed through screw terminal headers. Features include 64-Mbytes storage memory and iNspect Lite software preinstalled on the device
ipd, a DALSA Group
Billerica, MA, USA

Board accelerates inspection

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Grablink Quickpack CFA (color filter array) is a flexible and high-performance image-acquisition and preprocessing board dedicated to area-scan color inspection. Preprocessing functions include a Bayer pattern decoder and a luminance blender providing simultaneous Y and RGB output- planar or packed-for monochrome and color inspection. An optional white balance is computed on automatically selected white pixels or on a user-defined ROI. The CFA interfaces Base configuration Camera Link area-scan cameras up to 85 MHz and processes 8-, 10-, or 12-bit images
Angleur, Belgium

Software is GigE Vision compliant

Release 2.3.0 of iPORT SDK provides GigE Vision and GenICam standards compliance, while maintaining full backward compatibility with deployed iPORT products. It allows users to operate GigE Vision-compliant cameras in the same system or same application as GigE cameras. Users can choose between two GigE Vision-compliant camera-control methods, one based on GenICam, the other leveraging the iPORT SDK feature set. In addition, the software delivers full support for connectivity and camera control using the company’s iPORT protocol. Release 2.3.0 is available bundled with all iPORT IP engines
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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