Automate 2011 offers machine vision and automation solutions

March 14, 2011
Solutions on exhibit at Automate 2011 will include inspection and automated test systems, vision-guided robotic systems, and many more.

A wide range of automation solutions designed for companies in every industry will be highlighted at the Automate 2011 show in Chicago (Mar. 21-24, 2011), according to Robotic Industries Association (RIA) and the Automated Imaging Association (AIA; Ann Arbor, MI, USA), two of the event sponsors.

“The very first exhibits that visitors will see at Automate 2011 are complete solutions incorporating robots, machine vision, motion control, and related automation technologies,” says Jeff Burnstein, president of RIA and AIA. “We know companies in all industries want to see the solutions, not just the latest products, so that’s why we’re putting them front and center.”

Solutions on exhibit will include pharmaceutical vial inspection; automated test system for the gaming industry; robotic machine loading and unloading, laser welding, and layer forming; vision-guided robotic flexible feeding, packing, and palletizing; and many more.

RIA and AIA expect over 20 leading integrators to participate in the Integrated Solutions Center.

Automate 2011 also features an in-depth conference focused on successfully applying robotics, machine vision and motion solutions. “We believe the combination of seeing the solutions on the floor and learning how to best utilize them in conference sessions makes attending Automate 2011 a unique opportunity for companies who want to automate in order to be stronger global competitors,” Burnstein notes.

Among the programs of note during the conference are keynote speakers and roundtable discussion.
-On Monday, March 21, Tom Ridge, First Secretary of Homeland Security and Distinguished Statesman, will give a keynote address sharing his views on today's risk-centric environment and how to minimize the risks brought about by terrorism, natural disasters, criminal acts, vendor issues, accidents, and geopolitical influences in favor of greater resiliency and security across the globe.

-On Tuesday, March 22, speakers from General Motors and NASA will present their achievements with Robonaut 2 (R2), the latest generation of the robonaut astronaut helpers, which is expected to be the first humanoid robot in space. The program depicts a true success story of government-industry collaboration and technology transfer.

-Also on March 22, at the IFR CEO Round Table global leaders will discuss future trends in robotics.

Automate 2011 is sponsored by the Automation Technologies Council, which includes the Robotic Industries Association, the Automated Imaging Association, and the Motion Control Association.

SOURCE: Automation Technologies Council

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