Our top picks for Kinect ingenuity #2

Dec. 27, 2012

Researchers from the school of mechanical engineering at Leeds University were crowned winners of the Student Design Competition at National Instruments’ NI Week annual event in Austin, TX, for creating a LabVIEW API for Microsoft's Kinect software development toolkit. The Kinesthesia LabVIEW-Kinect toolkit was designed with the intention of allowing both the students and others to easily interface the RGB camera, depth camera, and skeletal tracking functionalities of the Kinect with any LabVIEW system. "We started off by developing a LabVIEW toolkit for the Kinect so we could test its capabilities," says Dominic Clark, a mechanical engineering student at the university. "After seeing the value of the toolkit, we wanted to share and make it available free to other LabVIEW users via the LabVIEW tools network."

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