Innovation Matrix partners with Adept Technology, Taiwan solar cell manufacturer for automation technology

AUGUST 3, 2009--The robotics and vision suppliers join forces to develop and integrate a vision-guided solar wafer unloading cell for CASTEC.

AUGUST 3, 2009--Innovation Matrix (Santa Clara, CA, USA;, a distributor of robotics factory automation components and systems, has partnered with CASTEC of Taiwan and Adept Technology (Pleasanton, CA, USA; to develop and integrate a vision-guided solar wafer unloading process into the high-growth photovoltaics market in Asia. The Adept Quattro robot and AdeptSight vision system will be the building blocks for the wafer-unloading automation cell.

The automation equipment will feature the Adept Quattro robot and the AdeptSight vision system, carrying out vision-guided solar wafer unloading. The Quattro robot is a parallel (or "delta") robot that features a four-arm rotational platform. AdeptSight is a standalone vision guidance and inspection package that runs on a PC and comes complete with all necessary hardware and accessories. The software framework can be used to develop customized vision guidance and inspection applications.

"With this partnership, solar equipment manufacturers based in Asia will now have the option to replace their turnkey solutions purchased abroad with a fully integrated locally made automation solution," says Eimei Onaga, president of Innovation Matrix. "Along with rich Adept Robot products and programming knowledge and experience, we are very pleased to provide the most efficient robotics programming solution. As automation needs become more complex and sophisticated, we hope to uniquely position the technological excellence to help meet engineering and manufacturing goals."

"With CASTEC and IM's expertise and guidance coupled with our high-speed and precise robot, controls, and software products, solar and other manufacturers in Asia will see increased yields, higher plant throughput, better measurability in performance, quicker integration, and minimal cell breakage all while reducing costs," says John Dulchinos, president and CEO of Adept Technology.

-- Posted by Carrie Meadows, Vision Systems Design,

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