COVID-19: How FRAMOS turned crisis into opportunity

Sept. 16, 2020
The following guest post from imaging specialist FRAMOS looks at how the company navigated the COVID-19 crisis and how it will move forward.

The COVID-19 pandemic is without doubt one of the biggest disruptions of recent decades. There will be no return to normality as we knew it. Business and society will be different post-COVID-19.  The vision technology company FRAMOS shows how a medium-sized, German family-owned company are successfully navigating the crisis and setting out to shape the future.

For years, FRAMOS has been an internationally operating leader in image processing. Through its partnerships in China, the company felt the effects of the COVID-19 crisis early on at production and logistics levels. Weeks before COVID-19 struck in Germany, FRAMOS had to react to secure its international supply chain. This gave FRAMOS an undoubted advantage in knowing what was in store for Europe and Germany. But since China is not Europe or Germany, it took more than just applying Chinese knowledge of how to work in the pandemic. FRAMOS benefited from several strengths that it has cultivated over the years as an innovative family business.

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