Basler announces new AI machine vision platform based on Amazon Web Services

April 14, 2021
The platform is designed for industrial applications and edge deployments.

Basler has announced a new AI machine vision platform based on the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services offered by Amazon Web Services.

The platform includes a 5 MPixel Basler ace camera with GigE interface and the NIVIDIA Jetson TX2NX module. Also included is Basler’s pylon Camera Software Suite, that is integrated with the AWS Panorama Device SDK, enabling users to deploy and run AI/ML applications on edge devices with device management and accuracy monitoring support.

Details around product and use cases will be released by Basler by Q3 2021. Basler and AWS will at Hannover Messe 2021 Digital Edition deliver a joint talk. The video is available on the Hannover Messe website.

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