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Jan. 1, 2006
Data Matrix Verifier is certified; Camera enables application in a box; Large-format lenses; Barcode reader checks codes; and MORE…

Data Matrix Verifier is certified

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Quadrus Verifier verifies the compliance of Data Matrix codes as specified by MIL STD 130 L Change 1. It measures the quality of a Data Matrix symbol against the criteria for symbol quality established in ISO/IEC 15415 and AS9132 standards. The Quadrus Verifier is a fully contained, compact device that is easy to integrate into the production environment. Its preset focus and illumination are factory-calibrated to ISO/IEC 15426-2 to guarantee accurate verification results of every Data Matrix code.
Renton, WA, USA

Camera enables application in a box

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Bi-i V301 intelligent camera has a single high-resolution 1.3-Mpixel CMOS sensor, resulting in a compact design with low power consumption. It has Ethernet, USB, and RS-232 interfaces, allowing applications to run at speeds up to 1 GHz using the newest digital-signal processor from Texas Instruments. A fully functional evaluation version of the Bi-i software-development kit is available.
AnaLogic Computers
Budapest, Hungary

Large-format lenses

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Large-format imaging lenses are compatible with 12k pixel cameras and produce up to 100-lp/mm image-space resolution. Able to accommodate 5-µm pixel sizes and sensors up to 90 mm, the low-distortion lenses are for high-resolution linescan applications. At maximum aperture f/4, they provide twice the amount of light throughput of comparable lenses. Two lens options are available at nominal values of 1.4X and 0.7X, with performance guaranteed over a specified range of magnifications.
Edmund Optics
Barrington, NJ, USA

Barcode reader checks codes

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PresencePLUS P4 BCR vision sensor reads advanced 1- and 2-D barcodes, including Data Matrix ECC200 and PDF 417, as well as linear codes such as Code 39. Features include a built-in live video output, which allows users to view the sensor’s inspections in real time and to view failed inspection images without a PC, and easy interface to machinery or factory networks through a built-in 10/100 Ethernet connection or RS-232 serial input/outputs. It is available with two lens positions: in-line (on the end of the housing) and right-angle (on the side of the housing). Both versions measure 66.8 mm wide. It operates on 10-30 Vdc.
Banner Engineering
Minneapolis, MN, USA

System has low noise

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High-speed 10-bit CMOS camera system integrates image memory (camRAM) into the camera, enabling fast image recording to 1 Gbyte/s. The system features 1280 × 1024-pixel resolution and low noise. It consists of a compact camera with an external intelligent power supply. Image data are transferred via customer-selectable standard data interfaces (IEEE 1394 FireWire, Camera Link, Ethernet). Available exposure times range from 1 µs (50 ns optional) to 5 s. Camware software for camera control, image acquisition, and archiving of images in various file formats is available for user customization and integration on PC platforms. Other options include CMOS image sensor in color version, custom-made versions, or camRAM available in 1, 2, and 4 Gbytes.
The Cooke Corporation
Romulus, MI, USA

Camera system works in low light

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The SPOT Pursuit Xs high-speed, high-sensitivity digital camera system is designed for low-light applications. It delivers 14-bit megapixel images up to 11 full frames/s at less than 8 electrons read noise. With binning and ROI, it delivers more than 130 frames/s. The camera achieves high sensitivity using Sony’s ICX285 CCD (>60% QE) in concert with low-noise electronics. It features regulated cooling at -10ºC and user-selected dual-speed readout. SPOT imaging software is included.
Diagnostic Instruments
Sterling Heights, MI, USA

Interface/FPGA are combined

CAML-MOD3 is a Camera Link adaptor module for the company’s Xilinx Virtex II Pro-based PMC-FPGA03 PMC module. Capable of capturing video from two Base-mode cameras or one Base-, Medium-, or Full-mode camera, the CAML-MOD3/PMC-FPGA03 merges data acquisition with a local user-programmable FPGA that can implement functions such as edge detection, FFTs, digital filtering, and correlation. The CAML-MOD3 uses the Mini Camera Link (MiniCL) HDR26 connector standard and is compatible with traditional Camera Link equipment using the MDR26 connector. The module supports a clock rate of 85 MHz, allowing real-time transfer of sustained data rates up to 680 Mbytes/s into the FPGA (Full mode). A 64-bit PCI interface supplies the bandwidth necessary to transfer processed or raw video to the PMC host carrier.
High Wycombe, UK

Multichannel camera suits military

The SIR2, a high performance, high-speed camera, offers double-imaging capability and has rigid, all-metal IP54-rated construction, making it suitable for use in a military test range. The imaging engine of the SIR2 offers high resolution, timing accuracy, and measurement capabilities, along with 11 million-pixel images. The ability to acquire two full-resolution images provides valuable information on displacement and velocity for ballistics and impact studies.
Specialised Imaging Ltd.
Tring, UK

Camera works with Windows

The 1024 PCI high-speed video camera provides 1000-frame/s operation at greater than megapixel resolution (1024 × 1024 pixels). Intended for use in Windows 2000 or XP machines, the 1024 PCI offers reduced-resolution operation as fast as 109,500 frames/s. Multiple memory partitions enable users to divide the available memory into smaller slots for successive recordings without having to download in-between. It offers the choice of AVI, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP industry image formats.
San Diego, CA, USA

Sensor has VGA resolution

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The AMIS-70700 IC can be used at temperatures from -40ºC to 105ºC. Resolution of 750 × 400 pixels is combined with an RS-232 image output speed up to 60 full frames/s. The IC combines low fixed pattern noise with high signal-to-noise ratio and uses built-in compensation techniques to minimize high temperature leakage. It is supplied as a bumped and unbumped probed wafer. A ceramic CLCC 52-pin package option suitable for use in harsh environments is also available.
AMI Semiconductor
Pocatello, ID, USA

Motor controls robots

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Microcomputer-based dual-channel dc motor controller can directly drive up to 30 A on each channel at up to 40 V. Fitted on a compact 4.2 × 4.2-in. board, the AX1500 controller accepts commands from either standard R/C radio for simple remote-controlled robot applications or serial port interface. Using the serial port, the AX1500 can be used to design fully or semi-autonomous robots by connecting it to single-board computers, wireless modems, or wireless LAN adapters. The motors can be operated in open- or closed-loop speed mode. The AX1500 can be reprogrammed in the field by downloading new operating software from the company’s Web site.
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Zoom lens is compact

Compact x6 optical tracking, nonbrowning zoom lens (192-000) utilizes glass that can withstand long-term exposure to high levels of radiation (up to a total dose of 108 rads) and temperature (55°C) without discoloration. Operating at f/1.8 for most focal lengths, the lens provides high image resolution and minimum geometric distortion from 400 to 750 nm. It is for use with single-chip 1/2- and 2/3-in. CCTV cameras, as well as Newvicon and Chalnicon tubes, in a variety of monitoring applications. Using a telescopic focusing mount, the lens can image objects from 800 mm to infinity without using add-on adapters.
Resolve Optics
Chesham, UK

Linescan camera responds fast

Having three times the responsivity and twice the speed of its predecessor, the Spyder GigE offers Gigabit Ethernet connectivity in a compact solution for high-speed web, flat-panel-display, pick-and-place, and other general machine-vision applications. Available in 1k- and 2k-pixel resolutions with 14-mm pixel pitch, Spyder GigE provides defect detection and cost savings in lighting. The camera includes features such as flat-field correction and correlated double sampling.
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Camera added to LightWise family

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LightWise LW-WVGA-1394-C wide-VGA global shutter camera uses the Micron MT9V022 image sensor. It has 752 × 480 pixels running at 72 frames/s. An extended dynamic range greater than 100 dB is achieved through a multislope integration feature. Targeted toward machine vision, automated assembly, microscopy, and security/surveillance applications, its small size makes it practical for OEMs.
Imaging Solutions Group
Rochester, NY, USA

Driver architecture is efficient

PC driver architecture operates with any IP transport protocol. It will handle the full spectrum of connectivity requirements for vision systems-from lower-performance TCP/IP connections to high-throughput, CPU-efficient data streaming via the company’s iPORT IP transport protocol or the GigE Vision stream protocol. The driver will support a broad range of transport protocols while running on almost any GigE NIC. When high-performance protocols are used, the driver will transform the underlying NIC into an efficient conduit to PC user memory, while consuming little of the computer’s CPU capacity.
Pleora Technologies
Kanata, ON, Canada

CCD camera is sensitive

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Running at 90 frames/s at 640 × 480-pixel resolution, the EC650 CCD camera incorporates a CCD sensor and achieves high sensitivity and low dark current through the use of Sony’s HAD (hole accumulation diode) technology. Its snapshot shutter allows it to capture full-frame, stop-action images without a mechanical shutter. The EC650 is available in monochrome and color models. Applications include factory automation, industrial inspection, computer vision, traffic and public security, and aerospace and aeronautical imaging.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

3-D sensor runs in real time

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Color 3-D laser-sensor series is optimized for portable laser scanning. Data speeds up to 36,000 points per second can be achieved with 0.001-in. accuracy. CLS60 color sensor delivers 19,200 points per second. Integrated software supports real-time rendering, clean-up operations, parameters controls, surfacing, and data export. Palm-size, with IEEE 1394 connectivity, it captures geometry and texture quickly and accurately, performs real-time model creation, and is easy to use. Applications include 2-D/3-D machine vision, robotics, portable scanning, reverse engineering, and noncontact measurement.
Micrometric Vision Technologies
Mission Viejo, CA, USA

Module supports JPEG standard

The CTR-1471 PC/104-Plus JPEG-2000 encoder card, an eight-channel video-compression module supporting the JPEG 2000 (J2K)--ISO/IEC15444-1 image-compression standard, is designed to withstand extreme-temperature operation (-40°C to +85°C) and high mechanical stress. It contains a dedicated wavelet transform engine, three entropy codecs, an on-board memory system, and embedded RISC processors to provide a complete JPEG 2000 compression/decompression solution. Compression rates are NTSC: 352 × 240 at 120 frames/s, 72 0 × 480 at 30 frames/s; PAL: 352 × 288 at 100 frames/s; 720 × 576 at 25 frames/s. The module measures 3.550 × 3.775 in.
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Three-CCD camera is small

The CV-L107CL is a high-speed three-CCD linescan camera offers 3 × 2048-pixel resolution, 19-kHz line rate, flat-field and shading correction, and the option of individual exposure time for each of the R, G, and B channels, in a cube that measures 90 × 90 × 90 mm. The CV-L107CL uses the standard Camera Link interface. The user can select a 24-bit mode, which requires only one CL connector (Base configuration), or a 30-bit mode, which requires two CL connectors (Medium configuration). The CV-L107CL can be ordered with a Nikon F-mount or an M-42 lens mount.
Copenhagen, Denmark

OCR software is compatible

New version of EconoCR industrial OCR software is for implementation on the Vision Components TMS320C6XXX digital-signal-processor-based VC20XX smart cameras. EconoCR’s library routine format allows the software to be combined with 1-D bar- and 2-D matrix decoding software to produce general-purpose video-camera-based automatic identification solutions. Typical applications include automatic recognition of characters and symbols that have been machine-marked (laser scribed, dot peened/pin stamped, inkjet printed, laser printed, or electrochemically etched) on PCBs/substrates, glass lenses, molds and containers, and packaged goods.
Value Engineering Alliance
Cambridge, MA, USA

Cameras offer alternative

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Linescan GigE vision cameras-the TAG2 LCD 2048@9000, TAG2 LCD 4080@7000, and TAG2 LBD 8160@14000-are an alternative to linescan Camera Link frame grabbers. The three initial cameras are based on Kodak CCD trilinear and quadrilinear technology. Two are color linescan cameras with, respectively, 2048 pixels and 4080 pixels; the third is a B&W linescan with 8160 pixels. All three models have in-camera FPGA-based preprocessing. All have encoder inputs for direct synchronization.
Brescia, Italy

Cameras are for industrial imaging

Genie-M640 camera is available in resolutions ranging from 640 × 480 to 1600 × 1200 pixels in both color and monochrome formats. Operating at a maximum of 60 frames/s, the Genie-M640 transmits data over standard CAT-5e and CAT-6 cables to distances up to 100 m. It is supported by the company’s Sapera LT software libraries. Other features include global shutter, partial scan, and real-time shading correction. The camera is based on the pending Automated Imaging Association GigE Vision Standard to directly link the camera to a PC.
Dalsa Coreco
St.-Laurent, QC, Canada

Software supports third-party cameras

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Version 1.4 of the company’s Vision Appliance software, iNspect, has new capabilities, such as OCR, and advanced user controls, such as security and data collection for achieving CFR Part 11 compliance. iNspect supports third-party hardware platforms, such as IEEE 1394 cameras, so users have a choice of hardware-deployment options. The iNspect product is offered as a stand-alone software package for use with third-party cameras, or can be combined with the company’s line of Vision Appliance hardware products.
Billerica, MA, USA

Camera gives high resolution

ATMOS 2M30 and ATMOS 2M60 are fast CMOS area-scan cameras that can work in 8, 10, or 12 bits. The cameras are composed of a 2.5 million-pixel CMOS sensor featuring high sensitivity and high quality. The region of interest allows the end user to implement infinite resolutions and to increase frame rate. Furthermore, the cameras have an electronic shutter and Camera Link interface suitable for those wanting to upgrade from analog to digital modes. They have a C-mount adapter, and CommCam software makes camera configuration easy.
Grenoble, France

Verifier checks marks

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The DPM Verifier is a complete system that ensures that 2-D machine-readable information complies with MIL STD 130 L Change 1 criteria for mark quality and that the data are correctly encoded in the mark. The DPM Verifier documents verification results on 2-D marks that have been dot-peened or laser-marked directly onto parts and printed onto labels and data plates. The bench-top system includes verification software that records the overall score and quality metrics for each mark that is verified and time- and date-stamps each verification and stores bitmaps of each image. The verifier supports the latest mark-quality standards including AS9132 and ISO 15415, as well as ISO 15416 standards for verifying 1-D barcodes.
Natick, MA, USA

Megapixel sensor is scientific

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The CCD201, a megapixel CCD image sensor, is designed for low-light, scientific applications. It is a large-format 1k × 1k, 13-µm pixel image sensor with QE peaking at 95% and minimal induced noise. It will be available in front- and back-illuminated formats, both of which offer subelectron noise and a choice of electron-multiplying or traditional output. Each can operate at an equivalent output noise of less than 1 electron at pixel rates of greater than 15 MHz.
e2v technologies
Elmsford, NY, USA

Camera family is extended

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The eXcite series integrates a digital camera and a PC in a small rough housing. A 1.0-GHz MIPS processor running under Linux is the heart of the eXcite. The frame rate varies from 60 to 180 frames/s at VGA resolution. Multiple integrated interfaces are available, including optocoupled digital inputs and outputs, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a serial interface, and USB 2.0 ports.
Basler Vision Components
Ahrensburg, Germany

Video-capture cards are speedy

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The Picolo Alert acquires images from up to 16 independent cameras, with a total digitizing power of 200/240 frames/s available. In addition, this digitizing power is shared between the 16 channels, according to the requirements of an application. Capture and preview functions are simultaneously available for each camera and completely configurable for acquisition rate, image resolution, cropping, scaling, contrast, brightness, saturation, and storage format. The Picolo Full Alert includes a watchdog circuit and professional I/O lines for system integration. The Picolo Diligent is a four-channel video- capture and MPEG-4 compression board providing four full D1 video streams to the PC and, simultaneously, four full D1 compressed video streams.
Itasca, IL, USA

Camera has three wavelengths

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Mikron M7500 infrared camera is configurable for mid-wavelength or long-wavelength imaging and four different temperature bands. The company’s spectral-tuning technology enables the M7500 to image in the mid-wavelength bands of 3.9 µm (furnaces and boilers through flames) and 4.8-5.2 mm (for glass), in a temperature range of 400°C-1600°C. It provides temperature-measurement accuracy of ±2°C. The M7500 uses a VOX microbolometer detector that provides 320 × 240-pixel resolution. The camera features maintenance-free electronics, industrial protective packaging, and an array of protective accessories.
Mikron Infrared
Hancock, MI, USA

Telecentric lenses have large DOF

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Expanded line of telecentric lenses includes the small-sized Mini-Super-Eye series. These true double-telecentric lenses provide the greatest magnification depth of field possible. For use with 1/4- to 1-in. format cameras, the industrial c-mount lenses are available in magnifications from 0.2X to 2.0X, less than 0.10% distortion, and working distances to more than 400 mm. Low-cost customization of many models is available.
Light Works
Toledo, OH

SBC supports range of sensors

mvBlueLYNX-M module features a 400-MHz processor, 128-Mbyte DDR-RAM memory, 4 Mbytes NOR, and 32-Mbytes NAND Flash memory. Beside eight digital I/Os, the 100 × 160-mm board has a 100-Mbit LAN interface and a VGA port. In addition, there are interfaces via IDE for standard ATA 2.5-in. hard disks and memory cards such as CompactFlash. The module supports a range of sensors, including CCD sensors with 640 × 480 up to 1600 × 1200 pixels, CMOS sensors with 640 × 480 up to 1280 × 1024 pixels in each case as color or monochrome versions, as well as CCD linescan sensors with 512 lines up to 2048 lines.
Matrix Vision
Oppenweiler, Germany

Telescope works in scientific environment

Operating from 1.4 m out to infinity, the Model 500/IND industrial telescope is rated as a 500-mm telescope system. With an unobstructed refractor with a front entrance of 38 mm, it has greater effective aperture than 3.5-in. catadioptric telescopes and does not produce the artifacts common to those instruments. Its contrast is enhanced by a system of knife-edge light baffles within it. It can be used with all video/photo/visual accessories.
Infinity Photo-Optical Company
Boulder, CO, USA

Camera series has IEEE interface

PIKE camera family is equipped with an IEEE1394b-S800 interface, as well as CCD sensors, and comes in several versions. The series offers a selection of five high-quality sensors (black-and-white and color) with high sensitivity and true-to-life color reproduction. The PIKE series comes optionally in a version with a copper daisy-chain connection or 1x copper combined with 1x glass optical fiber (GOF). The direct fiber technology in the GOF version also provides for equalization of potential and EMV-independence. The data rate is a maximum 62.5 Mbytes/s, and integrated image preprocessing reduces demands on PC computer power and cuts system costs by eliminating frame grabbers.
Allied Vision Technologies
Stadtroda, Germany

Board acquires dual images

Using PCI Express, the PCIe-1430 board can acquire images from two Camera Link cameras at speeds up to 255 Mbytes/s and clock rates up to 85 MHz. The PCIe-1430 board can obtain information from cameras with different formats, resolutions, speeds, and bit depths. Additionally, several PCIe-1430 boards can be used together in a single PC to acquire gigabytes of images per second. Each board includes two independent Camera Link connectors and one triggering line, which can be expanded with the NI Camera Link I/O extension board to provide camera power and integrate additional triggers, isolated I/O, and quadrature encode inputs.
National Instruments
Austin, TX, USA

Illuminator has long life

Model 6 CFVI is a low-profile, true circular, industrial-grade fluorescent lighting system powered by a high-frequency (25 kHz) driver. It provides bright, flicker-free, broad-area illumination for needs including imaging, process inspection, and assembly. Standard lamps are available in deluxe daylight (5100K), colored, or black light (UV).
Salem, NH, USA

System controls motion, vision

Guidance 3400 motion/vision development system consists of a four-axis motion controller, four motors, 12 digital output switches, eight LEDs, and an LV power supply. An embedded Web server provides local or remote user interface over Ethernet. The guidance programming language is similar to Visual Basic. And there is a set of finder tools.
Precise Automation
Los Altos, CA, USA

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