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April 1, 2004
Frame grabber captures video; IR camera simplifies imaging; Sensor offers options; MORE...

Frame grabber captures video

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M-Vision 2000 is a single-slot programmable analog frame grabber for the PCI bus, capable of capturing images from standard and nonstandard cameras in 8, 10, or 12 bits at up to 95 MHz. The board has input look-up tables up to 32 bits in length and up to 128 Mbytes of memory for image storage. Analog video inputs from standard or nonstandard monochrome cameras, RGB color, or YUV/3 wire mode are accepted, and the board accepts dual-tap output cameras providing odd/even fields simultaneously. It supports continuous capture, single capture, grab line/ blocks of line, start/stop on trigger, asynch, and integration modes. Soft-ware developer kits are available.
Billerica, MA, USA

IR camera simplifies imaging

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VarioCAM is a modular, portable thermographic system operating between 8 and 13 µm. The uncooled microbolometer focal-plane array is 320 × 240 pixels and has a temperature range from -40°C to 1200°C. The image capture rate is 50–60 MHz, the dynamic range is 167 bits, and it comes with a standard 25-mm lens. Interfaces include PAL/NTSC-FBAS, S-Video, and RS-232. Image storage is on a 128-Mbyte CF-card, with optional FireWire interface available. The complete camera system is 235 × 185 × 110 mm and weighs 2.2 kg.
JENOPTIK Laser, Optik, Systeme
Jena, Germany

Sensor offers options

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KAI-3040M image sensor is a 640 × 480-pixel progressive-scan interline CCD in 1/3-in. optical format. KAI-3040DM version supports 210 full-resolution frames/s readout and KAI-3020SM supports 110 frames/s. Frame rates as high as 2000 Hz and 4000 Hz, respectively, can be achieved by eliminating horizontal lines during readout. Pixel size is 7.4 × 7.4 µm. Peak quantum efficiency is 55%, with low noise and dark current of <0.5 nA/cm2 at 40°C. RGB Bayer color filter array is available.
Rochester, NY, USA

Controller adds USB connection

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ProScan II controller is capable of controlling up to six stepper motors. It controls a motorized stage, focus motor, three filter wheels, and three shutters from a single controller. A fourth axis driver is available to control sample rotation or an additional custom application. The ProScan II offers four TTL inputs and outputs for triggering camera shutters, relays, linescan cameras, and other peripheral devices. System control is by USB interface or two serial ports and can be programmed and controlled by a touchscreen keypad.
Prior Scientific
Rockland, MA, USA

Processor adds board options

Tsunami PC104 is a field-programmable-gate-array (FPGA) processor for PC/104 Plus platforms and can be integrated with SBS Wave FPGA software toolkit for Windows XP/2000. It includes Altera Stratix FPGAs on a 32-bit/33-MHz PCI interface. Wave provides API, drivers, memory controller, source code, and application examples.
SBS Technologies
Albuquerque, NM, USA

Laser reduces speckle

Lasiris Low Speckle Laser reduces the speckle ratio and provides a visible-to-near-IR light source. Available projection patterns include single line, crosshair, single square, single circle, and seven concentric circles. Speckle is reduced by static means, with no time averaging. Laser light is delivered by pigtailed single-mode optical fiber that provides flexibility in configuration and distance from work area.
Salem, NH, USA

Video camera images fast

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SpeedCam MotionFire CMOS-based camera provides 1280 × 1024 pixels that can capture 500 frames/s at full resolution and a maximum of 32,000 frames/s with reduced resolution. At 1.3 Mpixels, 1024 frames/s can be stored, with 2 s of recording time. The FireWire-interface camera has a built-in battery that will last 30 s in recording mode and 6 h in standby. Triggering and recording functions are integrated into the 71 × 71 × 97-mm unit, which is designed for accelerations of up to 100 g in all axes.
Weinberger Deutschland
Karlsruhe, Germany

Linescan cameras add features

AviiVA SM2 and AviiVA SC2 linescan cameras build on the existing AviiVA line of CCD cameras by adding flat-field correction. The SC2 (Smarter Color 2) version adds white balance and color space correction. SM2 (Smarter Monochrome 2) features a sensor from 512 to 4000 pixels with 10 or 14 µm2 pixels, and the SC2 features a 4000-pixel sensor with 10-µm2 pixel size and RGB color pattern. Both models come in a 56-mm-wide casing and are available with C, F, T2, and M42 × 1 mounts. Both support a Camera Link interface and come with CommCam software.
Grenoble, France

Camera delivers resolution

Pantera TF 1M60 is a 12-bit, 1024 × 1024-pixel area-scan camera that provides up to 60 frames/s. The TrueFrame frame-transfer progressive-scan CCD provides dynamic range of 66 dB with a normal gain range of 1X to 4X. The Camera Link camera accepts M42 × 1, C, or F mount accessories, is 94 × 94 × 45 mm, and takes a Hirose HR10 6-pin power supply.
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Filters cut off IR

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Infrared-cutoff filters for color CCD or CMOS imagers are available in 15 × 15- mm sizes, with dimensional tolerances of ±0.1 mm and surface flatness of ≤3 fringes. The IR cutoff filters are BK7 or equivalent glass with dielectric coating and cosmetic surface quality better than 20/10 scratch/dig. The 50% cutoff point is 640 nm ±10 nm; Tave is greater than or equal to 85% from 410 to 630 nm.
Carlsbad, CA, USA

Board supports Camera Link

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PC2-CamLink image acquisition board is designed for the 32-bit PCI bus and supports one Base Camera Link monochrome area or linescan camera. The board provides direct power of 5 or 12 V to the camera, has separate inputs for two optocoupled/TTL and two LVDS triggers, and has a dual-phase shift encoder for linescan applications on two dedicated LVDS inputs. The board supports variable frame lengths from linescan cameras and area-scan camera frame sizes up to 8000 pixels × 8000 lines.
Coreco Imaging
St-Laurent, QC, Canada

Shutter camera scans fast

TM-6710CL monochrome Camera Link camera captures 120 frames/s video at full VGA resolution using a Kodak KAI-311 1/2-in. CCD with progressive-scanning interline transfer. Full-frame electronic shutter with asynchronous reset permits shutter speeds from 1/250/s to 1/32,000/s. Progressive scanning mode allows 484 lines of vertical resolution per shutter; partial scanning of 200 or 100 lines is possible.
JAI Pulnix
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Compact camera is fast

PixelFlyQE is a12-bit CCD camera with 1390 × 1024-pixel, 2.5 × 1.5-in. sensor available in VGA, SVGA, HiRes, UV, and QE. Exposure time is 1/100,000 to 10 s. It can connect to a standard or compact PCI board by serial data link. Onboard digital temperature compensation maintains noise performance. Camera measures 1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in. and comes with a C-mount. Software development kit is included.
The Cooke Corporation
Auburn Hills, MI, USA

Smart camera is programmable

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Iris P-series is a smart camera that uses a 1/4-in. interline-transfer progressive-scan CCD with 659 × 494 effective pixels and image-acquisition rates to 30 frames/s. The camera, in color or monochrome, uses an Intel Celeron processor and runs Window CE .NET. It can use an externally triggered or internally controlled electronic shutter and has an Ethernet interface, RS-232 port, and auxiliary digital I/Os.
Matrox Imaging
Dorval, QC, Canada

Digital camera delivers features

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CV1280 features 1280 × 1024 pixels in a 2/3-in. CMOS format, 8 and 10-bit modes, and up to 30 frames/s. The camera has DCAM software interface, two six-pin 1394a ports at 400 Mbits/s, isolated external trigger, TTL trigger input/output on SMB connectors, adjustable C-mount with optional IR filter placement, and programmable region-of-interest readout. It is housed in a 3.9 × 5.1 × 7.9-cm package.
Burnaby, BC, Canada

IR camera ups resolution

EZ Therm Pro thermographic camera features a 320 × 240 uncooled microbolometer focal-plane array with sensitivity exceeding 0.05°C. Optional lenses range from a microscope with 100-µm spot size to a 3x telescopic lens. Standard calibration is –20°C to 500°C, with optical calibration to 2000°C. The imaging system includes a 14-bit image format, NTSC/PAL video output, FireWire interface, and ReportIR report generation software
Fairfield, NJ, USA

Camera fits small spaces

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SVCam-4020 is a progressive-scan 4-Mpixel Camera Link camera with 2048 × 2048 pixels in full mode (16 MHz), 2048 × 1024 in partial mode, and 1024 × 1024 in 2 × 2 binning mode. The camera is 50 × 50 × 45 mm without lens and connectors and has an M42 thread in combination with C-mount connector for lenses. Camera controls are over RS-232 interface, and it offers different shutter modes, trigger progressive mode, and a exposure control from 63.5 µs to 10 s.
Seefeld, Germany

PLC embedded in inverter

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3G3MV-P10CDT-E on-board PLC installs directly on an Omron 3G3MV inverter to provide the benefits of a CPM2C-S PLC embedded in the inverter in a 68 × 128 × 38-mm unit. The combined inverter and PLC provides intelligence and autonomy for tasks such as positioning and synchronization. The on-board PLC features RS-232 and Omron hostlink communication. A direct, dual-port RAM connection gives access to inverter parameters and provides encoder input and interrupt inputs, digital, pulse, and PWM outputs.
Omron IDM Controls
Houston, TX, USA

Shutter has small form

CS90 shutter allows a 90-mm aperture to be installed into a 7-in.-diameter housing. The shutter can be supplied in an unhoused version for OEM applications. It can be controlled by existing Uniblitz drive units or equipped with an electronic synchronization system. An optional #103 mounting ring allows the shutter to be mounted in nonspecific applications. Exposure repetition rates range from dc to 1 Hz.
Vincent Associates
Rochester, NY, USA

Thermometers master environment

Modline 5 infrared thermometers are designed for harsh applications in foundries, steel mills, and furnaces. They are available in temperature ranges from 500°C to 3000°C and measurement wavelengths of 1.05 µm/0.85–1.05 µm (ratio), 0.85–1.1 µm, and 1.5–1.6 µm. Options include a dirty window detector and digital panel meter, air purge, water-cooling jackets, and aiming lasers. The outer body is stainless-steel NEMA-4 rated housing to protect against corrosion and humidity.
Niles, IL USA

Frame grabbers serve fast cameras

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MVS-8501 frame grabber is designed for high-speed analog cameras using progressive-scan CCDs but is compatible with 60-frames/s standard-resolution analog cameras. Its single-channel architecture supports up to four multiplexed cameras. The MVS-8501 is a half-slot PCI 2.31-compliant frame grabber, with 8 Mbytes of FIFO and 32-bit/33-MHZ bus architecture. Vision applications can be developed with the Cognex Vision Library software-development kit or VisionPro software.
Natick, MA, USA

Video camera delivers resolution

ISG QuadHDTV camera uses the Silicon Video QuadHDTV CMOS sensor to provide high-resolution video studies. The sensor features 3840 × 2160 pixels for 8.3 Mpixels of 24-bit color running at 30 frames/s. The camera has four SMPTE 292 outputs for standard video recording and four DVI outputs for display applications. The camera has been integrated with a commercial IBM 92-Mpixel color flat-panel display to create a 22-in.-diagonal video window on the display.
Imaging Solutions Group of New York
Fairport, NY, USA

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