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PC/104 board isolates input; Video camera images fast; Assembly provides I/O; MORE...

Th 149313

PC/104 board isolates input

Th 149313
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104-IDIO-16 is a 32-channel PC/104 utility board featuring 16 optically isolated solid-state outputs. The 16 input channels are available by a 34-pin IDC-type header. The board is installed by jumper selecting base addresses and IRQ. Extended operating temperature range is -40°C to +85°C. Power requirements are 5 Vdc at 0.150 A.
ACCES I/O Products
San Diego, CA, USA

Video camera images fast

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IQeye6 Hi-Speed IP camera with 1280 × 1024-pixel progressive-scan CMOS sensor provides 20 images/s at HDTV video and 55 images/s at NTSC. The camera has a CS-mount and C-mount adapter with 1/2-in manual iris and measures 3 × 3 × 6.5 in. The camera features RS-232, relay I/O, PC card slot, NTSC video out, and 10/100 Ethernet connectivity. Options include 64 Mbytes RAM, 8 Mbytes flash memory, and software-development kit.
San Clemente, CA, USA

Assembly provides I/O

Th 149315
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CON-IOE Ethernet I/O assembly provides eight outputs and eight inputs, each one expandable. The CON-IOE includes an integrated D-sub breakout module to tie in cameras directly; up to eight additional breakout modules can be added. The I/O rail assembly features removable wiring harnesses to replace modules without rewiring. The existing setup wizard will be integrated into the next release of DVT's Framework software.
Duluth, GA, USA

USB cameras use CMOS

Th 149316
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uEye series of monochrome and color USB 2.0 cameras with 1/3-in. CMOS sensors is available with 640 × 480 and 1280 × 1024 pixels. The cameras with C-mount and rolling or global shutter speeds are available for capturing up to 30 frames/s. Software-development kit is based on the Falcon SDK for frame grabbers. The housing is 34 × 32 × 27.4 mm, and camera is available as an OEM module with open housing or without housing.
IDS Imaging Development Systems
Obersulm, Germany

Small camera scans progressively

TM-6760 monochrome progressive-scan camera uses Kodak interline-transfer 648 × 484-pixel CCD to capture 60 or 30 frames/s and has electronic shutter speeds up to 32,000/s. An LUT.provides 10- to 8-bit preprocessing. Camera can be ordered with Camera Link or LVDS output and in a color version.
JAI Pulnix
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

FireWire camera sees color

Th 149317
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KY-F75U digital imaging camera features a 1360 × 1024-pixel SXGA with FireWire ..interface. A block comprising three 1/2-in. interline-transfer CCDs with color separation prism provides an effective 4.3 million square pixel progressive scan. The camera includes a 1/2-in. C-mount lens and measures 70 × 80 × 150 mm. Digital output is IEEE-1394, and accessories include TWAIN 32 capture software and RS-232C camera control software.
JVC Professional Europe
London, UK

Camera captures x-rays

Shad-o-Box 4K x-ray camera is a stand-alone radiation-imaging device with 12-bit digital interface, 10 × 10-cm active area, and 2000 × 2048-pixel CMOS sensor with 10-lp/mm resolution. The sensor has an integrated direct-contact scintillator and is available for both standard (10–50 kV) and extended (50–160 kV) energy ranges. It has an LVDS interface with real-time video of up to 2.7 frames/s. Overall dimensions are approximately 208 × 264 × 19 mm, and weight is 3.5 kg. It requires 6.5 V at less than 5 W.
Rad-icon Imaging
Santa Clara, CA, USA

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