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Software suits microscopy

Th 156034
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PictureFrame 2.1 combines camera control and 48-bit image-processing software for color and monochrome images. GUI features include autoexposure, real-time six-channel user-adjustable color correction, live pseudocoloring, and live frame averaging with motion-compensation control. Postprocessing features include six-position image mixing, color merge, and measurement and annotation.
Goleta, CA, USA

Linear motor speeds inspections

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Summit XP series of large-format vision measurement/inspection systems incorporate linear motors to operate to 0.1 µm at travel speeds of 400 to 500 mm/s. The platform design includes a fixed bridge with granite base and arch, passive vibration-isolation system, and noncontact stage encoders. The platform provides black-and-white 765 × 576-pixel CCD cameras, programmable LED illumination, and View Metrology Software for monitoring and control.
View Engineering
Simi Valley, CA, USA

Small camera is versatile

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MN400 color cameras are 0.75 x 0.75 x 3.15 in. and accept various Elmo 1/2-in. microlenses and accessories. The 1/2-in. CCD has a S/N of 50 dB and performs well in low light of 2 lux. Cameras come with RS-232C connector and optional 8-pin detachable cables of 3 and 10 m.
ELMO Manufacturing
Plainview, NY, USA

Analog camera fits small spaces

Th 156048
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CV-A1 is a 1392 × 104-pixel progressive-scan CCD camera with analog output and setup via RS-232C. The camera measures 29 × 44 × 66 mm and operates at 16 frames/s. It has a signal-to-noise ratio of >50 dB, programmable exposure, and a variety of trigger modes such as edge preselect, pulsewidth control, and frame-delay readout. The CV-A1 provides 12-pin Hirose connectors for power and controls, a 6-pin Hirose connection for RS-232C, and a standard C-mount lens attachment.
JAI Pulnix
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Camera offers USB interface

Th 156038
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CMOS Ultra II is a monochrome camera with USB 2.0 interface and 1280 × 1024-pixel sensor capable of 27.5 full frames/s or a maximum of 494 frames/s with a ..window of 220 × 220 pixels. The USB 2.0 cable manages power and real-time video acquisition, while a Hirose connector provides trigger input. Camera comes with API, downloadable lookup table, and C-mount. The housing is 54.2 × 54.2 × 32.6 mm.
San Diego, CA, USA

Cameras support Gigabit Ethernet

TAG family of Gigabit Ethernet cameras transfer images at 1000 Mbits/s over 100 m of CAT-5 cable. Cameras come with various progressive-scan CCD sensors, from 640 × 480 to 1600 × 1200 pixels, and in black-and-white or color. Speeds vary from 7.5 to 60 frames/s. Standard dimensions are 115 × 55 × 42 mm, with C-mount and weight of 277 g.
Brescia, Italy

Reader speeds production

Th 156039
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AV2000 is a smart camera reader that can function independently or over Ethernet. It combines an LED lighting system, image capture, decoding, and communication interfaces in a 2-D data-..matrix and dot-matrix code reader that can read code moving at more than 6 m/s. Diagnostic tools enable real-time monitoring of code printing, quality, position and orientation, exposure quality, and decoding time.
Absolute Vision
Meriden, UK

FireWire camera shows speed

Th 156042
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CS 3950DF offers a 1024 × 768-pixel, progressive-scan CCD sensor capable of 30 frames/s. The camera comes with an ..IEEE 1394 interface and eight selectable shutter speeds from 1/100 to 1/10,000 s. It comes with C-mount, measures 49 × 35 × 98 mm, and weighs 170 g.
Finning, Germany

PXI modules deliver analog output

PXI-6722, with eight channels, and PXI-6723, with 32 channels, use features of NI-DAQmx 7.2 to deliver waveform analog output, simultaneous multichannel updates, and single-point output. The modules use ±10 V, provide 13-bit analog output resolution, and run at 45- to 800-kS/s/channel update rate. Waveform generation is up to 11 kHz full-scale sine wave, slew-rate limited. The modules can integrate with I/O such as analog input, vision, motion, or CAN through the RTSI bus and the PXI trigger bus.
National Instruments
Austin, TX, USA

System captures images fast

OPSIS 500-frame/s smart camera system uses a 1280 × 1024-pixel CMOS sensor to acquire full-frame images at up to 500 frames/s and up to 500,000 lines/s in linescan mode. The camera is compatible with C-mount lenses and has electronic windowing and electronic shuttering capability of 100 ns. The system measures 19 × 29 × 20 cm, weighs 4 kg, and has on-board FPGA. I/O and control include one external trigger and three general-purpose inputs; two auxiliary outputs; four serial, one parallel, one Ethernet, and two USB 1.1 ports; and 802.11b wireless capability. Optional system modules include integrated flash, radar motion detector, and tilt sensor.
Wintriss Engineering
San Diego, CA, USA

FPGA module adds performance

HERON-IO5V module has a Xilinx Virtex II FPGA with 1.5 million or 3 million gates, two channels of 12-bit 210-MHz A/D and two channels of 16-bit 160-MHz D/A, eight uncommitted digital I/Os, and a choice of clocking options. The FPGA configuration can be downloaded using the HERON serial bus. The module can be used in stand-alone mode with a HERON-Base1 carrier or as part of a PCI or Compact PCI system using HEPC9 or HECPCI9 module carriers.
Hunt Engineering
Somerset, UK

X-ray system shows contrast

µCT-FOX 2D/3D x-ray inspection system has a multifocus x-ray tube with nano-focus, microfocus, and high-power modes and produces images up to 1888 × 1408 pixels. Standard features include a 100- or 160-kV x-ray tube, 5-axes CNC, 16-bit imaging subsystem for real-time image processing, and a 1710 × 1455-mm footprint. The µCT-FOX can be integrated with the Feinfocus GUI 2.2, which includes AVI recording and an electronic film operator.
Garbsen, Germany

Software automates data capture

Version 8.0 of Software Development Suite is for OEMs in the auto-ID and data-capture industries and is used in conjunction with the company's image-reading systems in scanners, portable data-collection terminals, mobile computers, and kiosks. Version 8.0 includes the ability to create customized preset modes for viewing images in a specific environment and application, including the ability to modify exposure, gain, and illumination parameters. Pop-up window can show regularly refreshed image of captured information.
Ottawa, ON, Canada

IR camera is small

Th 156045
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ThermoVision A10 camera measures 1.35 × 1.45 × 1.90 in. and weighs 4.2 oz, with uncooled microbolometer on-focal-plane signal processing on a 160 × 128-pixel focal plane VOx array. Imaging time is less than 2 s, and nominal power consumption is 1.5 W. The A10 can image targets up to 400°C with thermal resolution of less than 40 mK and delivers RS-170A, 14-bit digital, and FireWire outputs, with all functions addressed through an RS-232 interface. Settings are stored in nonvolatile memory.
North Billerica, MA, USA

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