Camera Interfaces: GigE Vision cameras and simulation

Oct. 18, 2017
Throughout 2017, numerous GigE Vision products have been released, including industrial cameras, smart cameras, and vision sensors. Read this article to learn about the latest GigE Vision cameras, as well as a GigE Vision simulator for testing.

Throughout 2017, numerous GigE Vision products have been released, including industrial cameras, smart cameras, and vision sensors from the following companies that license GigE Vision from the AIA: Neon-1021 from ADLINK Technology (New Taipei, Taiwan;, Manta and Prosilica GT models from Allied Vision (Stadtroda, Germany;, Ace and Ace L models from Basler (Ahrensburg, Germany;, LX and CX models from Baumer (Radeberg, Germany;, In-Sight 7000 models from Cognex (Natick, MA, USA;, X6900sc SLS and X8500sc SLS models from FLIR Systems, Inc. (Portland, OR, USA;, Blackfly models from FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions, Inc. (Richmond, BC, Canada;, uEye FA models from IDS Imaging Development Systems (Obersulm, Germany,, mvBlueCOUGAR models from Matrix Vision (Oppenweiler, Germany;, EoSens models from Mikrotron (Unterschleissheim, Germany;, CORSIGHT models from NET New Electronic Technology (Finning, Germany;, Viento-G and Viento-GT models from Sierra-Olympic Technologies (Hood River, OR, USA;, EXO models SVS-Vistek (Seefeld, Germany;, Tigris-640 from Xenics (Leuven, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium;, DFK models from The Imaging Source (Charlotte, NC, USA;, Genie Nano, Calibir from Teledyne DALSA (Waterloo, ON, Canada;, and TAG models from Tattile (Mairano, BS, Italy;

Allied Vision Prosilica GT camera

Listed above are industrial camera models, smart cameras, and infrared cameras. Among the visible cameras listed, most use either Pregius sensors from Sony Semiconductor Solutions (Tokyo, Japan; or PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ;

There's less of a trend in the non-visible cameras with four different sensors. FLIR's high-speed cameras uses strained layer superlattice (SLS) detectors, Teledyne DALSA's Calibir uses vanadium oxide (VOx) based microbolometers, Xenics' Tigris-640 uses either an InSb or MCT infrared detector, and both cameras from Sierra-Olympic Technologies use VOx microbolometers.

IDS Imaging Development Systems' uEye FA camera

Developers and end users can test and debug their GigE Vision client applications and receivers, utilizing the GigESim GigE Vision simulator from A&B Software (New London, CT, USA; which turns a computer into a set of virtual GigE Vision cameras.

According to Boris Nalibotski, president of A&B Software, users can select between GEV 1.2 and GEV 2.1 versions of the standard, inject artificial error conditions to the network, assign a pre-recorded image or video file as video source and control virtual camera features from their client application.

A&B Software's GigESim camera simulator and ActiveGigE viewer transmitting/receiving a simulated 3D point cloud pattern per GigE Vision 2.1 standard"

"GigESim is bundled with a powerful GigE Vision Server SDK which allows developers and design engineers to turn their application or embedded computer into a customizable GigE Vision device with an assignable set of GenICam features," said Nalibotski. "This can be used to convert non-GEV camera interfaces such as CameraLink or USB, into GigE Vision cameras without utilizing any additional hardware."

He added, "The SDK can also be used to transfer data in the GigE Vision format between multiple computers on the network for temporal and spatial multiprocessing. The latest version of GigESim supports 10 GigE and multi-NIC connections which makes it an ideal choice for developing distributed image processing systems based on the GigE Vision standard."

Basler ace L cameras

Of course, by the time this article is printed, there will almost surely have been more GigE Vision cameras released into the market, with many more to come. Keep an eye on all of the latest GigE Vision releases and more here:

Learn more about the GigE Vision standard, and other AIA standards, here:

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