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Sept. 1, 2011
In a world of constant change, personal and professional losses can inspire a team to perform to its best potential even in the face of uncertainty.

In a world of constant change, personal and professional losses can inspire a team to perform to its best potential even in the face of uncertainty

by Andy Wilson, editor
[email protected]

Everyone has lost someone they love in their lives. This year, I lost someone rather special. At the age of 95, my mother peacefully passed away in her sleep after a short bought of pneumonia. My brother, being the trooper that he is, arranged for a wonderful service, invited all of our long-lost relatives, and—upon my request—demanded that no cucumber sandwiches were to be served to any of our guests following the service!

My mother was also a trooper, of course. Not only was she forced to bring up identical twins but she worked tirelessly during the Second World War as a Communications Officer for the Royal Air Force (RAF). Once, she imparted to me that by listening in to their conversations, it was easy to spot the most eligible bachelors amongst them and thus be well prepared should they invite you to dinner!

Her diary was full of interesting memories, some of which (although somewhat edited by the Vicar) were presented to the congregation in the church during the memorial service held at Riseley, in Bedfordshire, England.

My father, who is interred next to my mother, often told me that life was rather like putting your hand into a bucket of water. The water rises when you put your hand in and returns to the same level when you take it out. I think instead of being an engineer, he should have been a journalist—although perhaps not one working at present for Mr. Rupert Murdoch.

This month, we also have some sad news to impart about the leadership at Vision Systems Design. Conard Holton, the Editor-in-Chief, has decided to accept the position as Editor-in-Chief with Laser Focus World, after the departure of Steve Anderson, who had worked with the publication for the last 18 years. Also published by our parent company PennWell Corp., Laser Focus World covers many topics with which Conard is intimately familiar, and he will find that his knowledgeable staff will fully support him in his role as Head Honcho and Chief Bottle Washer of the editorial operation.

Here at Vision Systems Design, I will personally miss his enthusiasm. Indeed, compared with every other Editor who has managed (or tried to manage) me in my career, I must say in all honesty that he was the best at it... Mainly, of course, because he ran the magazine like a US Navy Captain delegating to others in charge whom he trusted. I wish him much success as Editor-in-Chief of Laser Focus World. I know that he will adequately fill Steve Anderson's shoes—well, mostly because they were made of cheap English plastic (sorry, Steve!).

As with any change comes uncertainty. However, our publisher Susan Smith has promoted yours truly to Editor-in-Chief, and I am proud to assume the responsibility of ensuring that the quality and integrity of our editorial content and team remain intact.

In a world of constant change, both personal and professional, it is often heartening to realize the strength that can be gained from both your family and the colleagues you work with.

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