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Nov. 1, 2003
Radiometer offers flat response; Camera faces elements; Camera measures displays; MORE...

Radiometer offers flat response

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PB300-BB photodiode-based detector head provides a flat spectral response from 400 to 1000 nm, making it suitable for power measurement of broadband light sources. The photodetector measures from 50 pW to 8 mW of power. The 10 × 10-mm aperture has a response time of 0.2 s and low noise level of ±2 pW. It is fully compatible with the company's Orion, Nova, and Laserstar displays.
Ophir Optronics
Wilmington, MA, USA

Camera faces elements

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MotionXtra HG-100K network-based, high-speed digital camera is designed for extreme events in harsh environments. The system consists of the camera, MotionCentral software, and an optional Hub Sync Unit that functions as an industrialized Gigabit Ethernet hub. The camera can take physical forces of up to 100 g and is capable of capturing 1000 frames/s at 1504 × 1128 pixels; frame rates of 100,000 frames/s are available at reduced resolutions. A 5-µs electronic shutter accurately records high-speed events.
San Diego, CA, USA

Camera measures displays

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Mobile LumiCam 1300 imaging photometer and colorimeter tests the visual appearance of displays, display systems, or panel graphics. Luminance and color display metrology can be conducted in the lab or field using a 1.3 million-pixel CCD sensor, which has a photometric range of 0.01 to 200,000 cd/m2. Pixel resolution of 50 µm is possible using standard 50-mm objective lens. A battery pack enables independent operation for up to 6 h. The portable version of the LumiCam provides measuring accuracies of ±4% for luminance.
Instrument Systems
Munich, Germany

Board support extended

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VxWorks Board Support Package (BSP) has been extended to a third product, the Bobcat PC/104-Plus single-board computer. The BSP supports the Bobcat Flash BIOS with OEM enhancements and I/O options. The BSP is designed to be installed with Wind River's Tornado 2.2.1 integrated development environment running under Windows.
Eugene, OR, USA

Camera faces extremes

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Omega thermal imager is an IR imaging camera for extreme environmental conditions. The imager is an uncooled VOx microbolometer with on-focal-plane signal processing and thermal resolution of <40 mK when normalized to f/1.0. It features both analog RS-170Z and 14-bit output and can image in temperatures up to 400°C, making it useful for firefighting, industrial process monitoring, robotics, and military applications. The Omega can also be configured with a FireWire interface.Indigo Systems
Goleta, CA, USA

Frame grabber integrates color

PicPort-Pro-CL-Stereo-RTF and PCI-based frame grabber, based on FPGA technology, integrates a real-time color decoder for Bayer-pattern color cameras. The frame grabber acquires images from one Base/Medium or two Base Camera Link cameras; in dual-camera configuration, the board accepts cameras of different types in synchronous or asynchronous acquisition mode. A 32-Mbyte advanced frame buffer delivers more than 700-Mbytes/s bandwidth. The Leutron Development Suite can be used to develop software for the frame grabber.
Leutron Vision
Burlington, MA, USA

Rugged board accelerates graphics

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Duros/PMC PCI mezzanine-card graphics board is a conduction-cooled, high-resolution, dual-head display controller for use in VMEbus and CompactPCI embedded systems. The graphic card features Silicon Motion's 128-bit SM731 graphics accelerator and supports screen resolutions up to ..1600 × 1200. It supports single-channel VGA, single-channel DVI, or dual-channel LVDS outputs. All outputs are via the card's 64-pin PMC rear-panel connector. The card is designed for displays running in VxWorks, Linux, and Windows operating system environments.
Oakland, CA, USA

Board provides space

SC2210 is a PCI-based single-board computer that features an Intel Pentium II-512K/1.26-GHz processor. The board includes ServerWorks, ServerSetIII LE chipset, up to 2-Gbytes registered SDRAM, and fast Ethernet, as well as a SCSI interface. Additional features include a 133-MHz front-side bus, 64-bit/66-MHz PCI bus, graphic accelerator, resolution up to 1600 × 1200 dpi, a USB port, and PCI E-IDE and FDD interfaces.
Computer Modules
Santa Clara, CA, USA

Switch simplifies connections

PMCE3R, a rugged, compact Ethernet switch, enables system designers to build Ethernet switching directly into their systems. This new PMC mezzanine is an eight-port 10/100-Mbit/s Ethernet switch with a gigabit uplink port. It includes PMC network interface cards for VME and CompactPCI platforms and air- and conduction-cooled Gigabit Ethernet switches. The PMCE3R is available in five build levels and is qualified for operation between –40°C and +85°C. The eight 10/100BASE-TX ports and one 1000Base-T port provide external connections.
Radstone Technology
Narthants, UK

Computing node cuts power

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PowerNode3, a single/dual 1-GHz PowerPC G4 high-end computing node, features enhanced connectivity and power consumption of 30 W for applications requiring real-time data and signal processing. An ALMA2e VME-PCI bridge enables 2eSST data transfers at up to 180 Mbytes/s for VME board interconnection. Dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and four asynchronous RS232/422/485 lines provide connectivity options. The LVDS standard is also supported. Dual and single Motorola PowerPC 7457 ..processors run at 1 GHz. The board provides twin PCI mezzanine card slots: one 64-bit/66 MHz and one 32-bit/33 MHz.
Thales Computers
Raleigh, NC, USA

NIR camera is sensitive

SU320MX-1.7RT InGaAs video camera provides imaging in the near-IR, from 900 to 1700 nm. Operating at room temperature, the minicamera produces images that can be seen on any RS170- or CCIR-compatible monitor, with 12-bit digital data available simultaneously in an RS422 format. The 320 × 240 focal-plane-array format has a pixel pitch of 40 µm. Exposure times are 127 µs to 16.27 ms/16.38 ms (RS170/CCIR) in eight steps.
Sensors Unlimited
Princeton, NJ, USA

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