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Dec. 1, 2003
PMC card captures video; PCI camera gets inside PC ; Industrial camera scans products ; MORE...

PMC card captures video

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Stratus/PMC is a dual-head graphics display controller and video-capture PCI mezzanine card designed for use with VME and Compact PCI embedded systems. It is based on the 128-bit Silicon Motion SM731 graphics accelerator and configured with 16 Mbytes of on-chip SDRAM to provide local storage for image and off-screen data such as texture maps and Z-buffer. It supports dual VGA and LVDS, single DVI in, single DVI out, composite NTSC/PAL/SECAM, S-video, and high-speed RGB.
Oakland, CA, USA

PCI camera gets inside PC

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FASTCAM-X 512 PCI camera provides imaging capabilities as fast as 32,000 frames/s; it has a maximum resolution of 512 × 512 pixels at speeds up to 2000 frames/s. Based on a CMOS sensor, the 512 PCI is available in both 30-bit color and 10-bit monochrome configurations. An add-on feature allows the PCI card to be located in a cradle for easy connection to a laptop, with up to four cards per cradle, and separate hard drive. PFV software provides control; Motion Tools software provides automatic tracking and motion analysis.
San Diego, CA, USA

Industrial camera scans products

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IK-SX1 camera with a 2/3-in. progressive-scan CCD is supplied in two versions: Camera Link 8-bit digital output and LVDS (RS644) 8-bit digital output. Aimed at machine-vision applications such as barcode reading, on-line inspection, gauging, and character recognition, the IK-SX1 provides full-frame rates up to 15 frames/s. Partial scanning can be used to attain speeds of 60 frames/s. A one-pulse random trigger function allows timed image capture and processing. The casing measures 1.73 × 1.73 × 2.05 in. and can be used with C-mount lenses.
Toshiba America Information Systems
Irvine, CA, USA

SBC promotes switching

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CP16 Compact PCI single-board computer uses the Intel Pentium M processor and E7501 chipset, which minimizes power dissipation. The CP16 can turn off the PCI bus to the backplane so it can be used for Ethernet-only CompactPCI or server blade applications. It is available in speeds of 1.8 and 1.6 GHz. For video processing, the CP16 uses ATI Mobility Radeon video memory controller with a video memory capacity of 16 Mbytes, which supports resolution up to 1600 × 1200 pixels.
Trenton Technology
Atlanta, GA, USA

Line scanner in small body

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HS-41 is a linescan camera for applications such as postal sorting, document scanning, and low-light industrial inspection. It is based on the design of the Piranha2 camera line and includes time-..delay-and-integration technology and a Camera Link interface in a small-body format. Line rates exceed 52 kHz, and resolution is 2048 pixels per line; pixel size is13 µm2. Sensitivity of 1610DN (nJ/cm2) can be achieved.
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Color camera images production

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3600 Series color cameras are available with three sensor sizes: 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 in. A GUI provides auto or manual adjustment of shutter and gain, white balance, ..and up to 8.5-s integration with a freeze-frame option. The camera has RS170 output for video, sync, power, and control signals, measures 6.4 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm, and has C-mount optics and a block that allows top or bottom mounting.
San Diego, CA, USA

Vision appliance verifies products

iCheck is a preassembled machine-vision camera system (or appliance) for product and assembly verification. All required software is stored within the cast-aluminum package. The appliance also includes a 640 × 480-pixel progressive-scan camera with rapid reset and full-frame integration features; it is capable of 30 frames/s. The appliance is Ethernet compatible, supports DHCP and static IP addressing, and has a RS232 port. iCheck measures 75 × 68 × 130 mm and weighs 2 lb.
Billerica, MA, USA

Camera fits small spaces

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Flea, an IEEE 1394-compatible camera, supports networking of multiple cameras, automatic intercamera synchronization, I/O pins, extended shutter times, and in-field component upgrades. The camera is available in 640 × 480-pixel ..resolution at 60 frames/s or 1024 × 768-pixel resolution at 30 frames/s. Flea features a 12-bit A/D converter and serial port. Development kit includes CS-mounted camera, interface card and cable, tripod mounting adapter, PGRFlycapture C/C++ API, and device driver.
Point Grey Research
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Display combines with SBC

OFPC-215 Series open-frame panel computer includes an LCD touch panel monitor with a single-board computer (SBC). One of several models of SBCs can be housed or mounted and can be used with the monitors in harsh environments. The OFPC-215 supports one 512-Mbyte SDRAM, two 3.5-in. HDD bays, PCI and PC/104 expansion, two USB ports, one parallel port, four serial ports, and one 100Base-T Ethernet.
Irvine, CA, USA

Stage carries load

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ABR1000 rotary air-bearing stage is designed for applications such as wafer inspection, DVD mastering, disk-drive testing, servo writing, and optical inspection ..of components. Air-bearing surfaces provide stiffness and load capacity. The stage uses the company's S-series slotless, brushless motor based on magnetic circuit design. The encoders are noncontacting, reflective, or interferential. When coupled with feedback multipliers and controls, resolutions of <0.03 arc sec are possible; positioning accuracy of <1 arc sec is available.AerotechPittsburgh, PA,

Software controls image flow

Image-Pro Plus Version 5.0 upgrades the scientific image-processing software program to include composite imaging tools such as stitching and tiling, alignment correction, and object tracking. The AutoSet feature allows algorithms to be optimized for color balance and exposure parameters with one button. Workflow-management tools allow creation of customized work environments, with built-in configurations for life science or industrial applications.
Silver Spring, MD, USA

CMOS makes smart camera

ISG LightWise LW-1.3-G-1394 camera uses a Fill Factory IBIS5a 1280 × 1024-pixel CMOS sensor and a Xilinx FPGA and is supplied in two versions: color or monochrome. The camera has full global shutter and rolling shutter modes and runs at up to 27.5 frames/s at full frame (1.3 Mpixels) or 90 frames/s in VGA mode. Dynamic range is >60 dB. It also has a FireWire interface, on-board multiple frame image buffer, and integrated image processing.
Image Solutions Group
Rochester, NY, USA

Motorized lenses zoom in

Hall-effect sensor motorized zoom lenses are available in 12x and zoom 6000 systems. Three motor types are available: two-phase stepping motor, five-phase stepping motor, and dc servo with encoder. Integrated controllers are available featuring single- or dual-axis control by RS232 or USB in tabletop or board-level versions. Software includes LabView VI or a Windows GUI for individual axis control.
Rochester, NY, USA

LEDs light uniformly

DOAL-50 V2 series of high-output, diffuse on-axis LED-based machine-vision illuminators are designed for applications that have flat specular surfaces requiring uniform lighting. Standard models are available with 12- or 24-V continuous and 24-V strobed power. The illuminators are available with an antireflective cover to protect the optics from contaminants and accidental damage. LEDs are red (630 nm) or white (6500 K), with blue, green, IR, UV, or other wavelengths available upon request.
Weare, NH, USA

TEDS support available

WaveBook portable and laboratory data-acquisition system and the WBK18 eight-channel dynamic signal-conditioning option both offer transducer-electronic- data-sheet (TEDS) support to read calibration information from transducers. Under WaveView software, included with WaveBook and WBK18, the standard templates for piezoelectric accelerometers and microphones are supported. Each channel connected to a TEDS-capable transducer can be configured to use automatic calibration scaling stored in the device. TEDS scaling can be enabled on a per-channel basis, allowing the mixing of both TEDS-capable transducers and non-TEDS-capable transducers in the same system.
Cleveland, OH, USA

SBC provides capabilities

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ECM-5710 is a 5.25-in. single-board computer (SBC) aimed at embedded applications. Using an Intel Pentium 4 processor (not included) and SiS 651 ..chipset, ECM-5710 provides performance up to 3.06 GHz with 533 MHz FSB. It features one DDR socket handling up to 1-Gbyte DDR 333 SDRAM, LVDS, TV-out, audio, and dual LAN. The chipset delivers graphics support with an integrated AGP 4x 2D and 3-D graphic engine that supports LCDs/CRTs with a frame buffer up to 64 Mbytes. The SBC is compliant with AC97 2.0 and has two IEEE 1394 ports and dual USB 2.0 ports, as well as four serial ports, one parallel port, dual UltraDMA ports, one CF slot, and one 32-bit PCI slot.
Aaeon Electronics
Hazlet, NJ, USA

VME card accelerates I/O

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TS-V39 is an eight-DSP VME format board using Analog Devices' ADSP-TS101S, in two clusters of four DSPs, with each cluster containing its own dedicated 128-Mbyte bank of SDRAM and a local Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA to provide direct DSP data input/output and ..algorithm acceleration. The DSPs can mix freely fixed-point, as well as floating-point, data types natively on one device, which enables parallel operations, efficient data I/O, and simplified applications development. The modularity of the TS-V39 permits a PMC site for data input/output by PCI backbone or directly into the FPGA data I/O port.
Transtech DSP
High Wycombe, UK

Sensor controls automation

ESPROS/QA-100 is a stand-alone sensor system that provides quality control in automation processes such as position, completeness, and color control. The parameters are defined and sent to the

ESPROS/QA-100 through a serial PC interface; afterward the system can be separated from the PC. The 127 × 67 × 37-mm module contains a 288 × 352-pixel chip and IR illumination at 950 nm; response time depend on illumination and evaluation procedures but could reach 30 ms. DSP computing speed is 100 MIPS.
Hickory, NC, USA

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