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Microscope uses large CCD; Box connects multiple cameras; Smart camera is self-learning

Th 126849

Microscope uses large CCD

Th 126849
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MacroFire microscope incorporates a 4-Mpixel CCD measuring 21.4 mm in diagonal with 2048 × 2048 pixels that are 7.4 µm square. It uses a native application for camera control that runs within the included company's PictureFrame imaging application suite. PictureFrame paints a full-resolution color image on a large-format monitor at live imaging rates. Camera controls can be superimposed over this image in any chosen position or can display the image without borders or controls. Key features include electronic shuttering, manual exposure control, five binning modes, two subframing modes, and an IEEE 1394 (FireWire) interface.
Goleta, CA, USA

Box connects multiple cameras

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Model 609TB accessory box connects cameras, video monitors, and digital I/O signals to the company's frame-grabber boards using flat cables and BNCs. It supplies 12-V, 200-mA power for as many as 32 cameras. Eight video outputs are available for display on video monitors. Thirty-two electromechanical relays can be used to switch bipolar circuits of up to 2 A. Enclosed box mounts in a standard 19-in. rack.
Tigard, OR, USA

Smart camera is self-learning

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ZiCAM Zi-640 is a programming-free smart camera that uses a 312-neuron ZISC neural-network parallel-processing IC. The camera provides 640 × 480-pixel resolution, color or monochrome output, 30 frames/s, and C-mount optics. ZiCAM Teacher software guides user to capture 'good' images, annotate images, process images, and test unknown examples. Imaging can be done locally or remotely via an Ethernet network. Built-in 340-Mbyte microdrive permits storage of raw video and 'no-go' images. Eight-actuator driver outputs ensure system response for a variety of image-processing results.
Pulnix America
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Fluorescent light shines bright

Model 10 XI circular fluorescent illuminator is constructed with a rugged, black anodized-aluminum extrusion powered by a 25-kHz driver. It provides 360° of bright, uniform, shadow-free, flicker-free illumination. An adapter offers attachment to a microscope or camera. Industry-standard 1/4-20 threaded mounting holes enable easy installation. Lamps come in various white-color temperatures and wavelengths. Custom designs are available.
StockerYale Inc.
Salem, NH, USA

Camera serves limited space

SKC145T2 full-frame monochrome camera comes with a 2/3-in. 1392 × 1040-pixel, interline-transfer CCD in a 36 × 32 × 53-mm camera head. It connects to a 48 × 44 × 74-mm camera head via an optional 5-20m cable. Camera runs at 25 frames/s noninterlace over RS-644 with a 10-bit digital output; Camera Link interface is optional. Remote settings can be made over an RS-232C link. Key features include a 47.793-MHz pixel clock, C-mount, 1/1,000,000-s shutter, and 11–16-Vdc power.
Ikegami Electronics (USA) Inc.
Maywood, NJ, USA

Ringlight shines

Model RL72 high-intensity ring illuminator suits inspection microscopes. It provides 360° of white illumination that eliminates shadows while using less than 5 W. Estimated lifetime exceeds 25 years. Setscrews are supplied for connection to microscopes. Ringlight requires 360 mA at 15 Vdc that is supplied with the included ac adapter.
Orled Inc.
Tigard, OR, USA

Frame grabber packs functions

FlashBus Spectrim frame grabber transfers video data directly to display or system memory in real time for both viewing and application analysis. Using a Philips TriMedia video processor, it provides for interpolated image scaling and manipulation, hardware overlay, and video output functions. The unit comes with as many as four RGB or YUV component inputs, up to 16 composite or eight S-Video inputs, a 16-Mbyte SDRAM frame buffer, and an RGB, composite, or S-Video output. Key features include RS-232 support; real-time image flip, rotate, and mirror; and 12-Vdc switched camera power. Software support covers Windows-based FBG video capture application; Windows 98/ME/NT 4.0/2000, and XP drivers; an optional SDK with sample applications; and company's Imaging and Vision Library.
Integral Technologies
Indianapolis, IN, USA

Cameras offer Camera Link

SI-1280F 1.3 million-pixel (1280 × 1024, 2/3-in.) and SI-6407F (640 × 480, 1/3-in.) Camera Link cameras deliver up to 60 Mpixels/s. They provide 12-bit sampling at up to 40 frames/s at 1.3 Mpixels, 160 frames/s at VGA resolution, and 600 frames/s at QVGA (320 × 240 pixels) for either monochrome or Bayer RGB color versions. Asynchronous snapshot trigger eliminates potential motion artifacts of rolling shutter. Superdynamic mode extends useful dynamic range to over 90 dB. Programmable serial port handles sampling clock speed, region-of interest window, window position, gains, exposure-time, frame-rate, and triggering modes.
Silicon Imaging Inc.
Troy, NY, USA

Camera captures fast events

Th 126848
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MotionXtra HG-100K camera provides a 1.7-Mpixel (1504 × 1128-pixel) CMOS sensor that can record 1000 frames/s at ..full resolution and up to 100,000 frames/s at reduced resolutions. Fast 5-µs electronic shutter eliminates motion blur during high-speed recording. MotionCentral software directs camera control and image processing and supports multiple HG-100K and HG2000/HG-TX cameras within a network. Hub-sync unit functions as a Gigabit Ethernet hub and ensures frame synchronization of multiple cameras to within ±2.5 µs. Backup battery preserves recordings in case of power failure.
Redlake MASD Inc.
San Diego, CA, USA

Cameras suit microscopy

PL-A660/650 series of color and monochrome cameras and imaging modules, respectively, are based on Kodak 1/2-in. 1.3-Mpixel (1280 × 1024) arrays with 6-sq mm pixels. Cameras suit brightfield microscopy and microscopic image documentation. Using the FireWire connection, these products can display real-time digital video on and capture still images directly to a host computer. PixeLINK Capture software provides camera-control functions and sets exposure, white balance, and gamma and color saturation or monochrome gain. Images can be captured in BMP, TIFF, JPEG, or raw data formats with the option of incorporating bitmap overlays. Software-development kit is compatible with C++ and Visual Basic. Products can be attached to microscopes with a 0.63X or larger video coupler.
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Configurable robot modules

EZ Modules can be configured as one-, two-, three-, or four-axis mechanisms. They run on the company's RC420 or RC520 PC-based controller, come standard with the company's RC+ programming software, and combine rugged NSK modular axes. The modules accommodate ActiveX Controls, Conveyor Tracking, Ethernet I/O, Force Sensing, Security/Audit Log, and Vision Guide capabilities.
EPSON Robots
Carson, CA, USA

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