AVERNA Technologies buys Invensys Vision & Robotics group

March 8, 2005
MARCH 8--AVERNA Technologies (Montreal, Canada; www.averna.com) has purchased all assets of the Vision & Robotics group of Invensys.

MARCH 8--AVERNA Technologies (Montreal, Canada;www.averna.com) has purchased all assets of the Vision & Robotics group of Invensys. Effective April 1, 2005, the acquisition will bring more than 20 engineers to AVERNA. AVERNA's annual sales are expected to reach $8 million in 2005 with this acquisition. 2004 sales for AVERNA were $4.2 million.

"With this acquisition, AVERNA gains valuable experience in robotics," says Pascal Pilon, president. "We gain access to more than 100 major clients in North America and are strengthening our position as a major system integrator serving the aerospace, pharmaceutical, electronics, aluminum, and manufacturing industries."

Since its founding in 1999, AVERNA has been working with customers to implement automation systems that enhance quality control, asset optimization, and employee collaboration, while executing their manufacturing business processes reliably. Over the past ten years, the Vision & Robotics group has been offering increased manufacturing efficiency and product quality improvements that only automated vision inspection and robotics can provide. The group has completed more than 150 installations and focused on vertical solutions to optimize lighting inspection, aluminum processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, turbo machinery manufacturing, and heavy-metal fabrication robotics.

AVERNA is a privately held Canadian corporation. The company focuses on manufacturing productivity improvements through information and automation systems that combine proven technologies from partners such as National Instruments with today's business management best practices. AVERNA has delivered solutions for several companies such as Honeywell Aerospace, Bombardier, Proctor&Gamble, Harris, Alstom, Hydro-Quebec, and CN.

Vision & Robotics is a business unit of Invensys and has been developing automated vision and robotic manufacturing solutions for 10 years. The business unit provides solutions for the automotive, electronics, aeronautics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries. For additional information, visit www.solutions2accelerate.com.

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