Trident Exhibitions announces launch of IPOT and Machine Vision exhibitions in Ireland

Jan. 11, 2005
JANUARY 11--The two-day event will be held at the Royal Dublin Showground, 7--8 September 2005.

JANUARY 11--IPOT and Machine Vision have established themselves as the leading optical, photonics, and vision events in the UK, and after numerous requests from exhibitors for an Irish version, coupled with extensive research, the decision was made to recreate the shows in Dublin to target the Irish audience. The two-day event will be held at the Royal Dublin Showground, 7--8 September 2005.

Visitors will be able to see a range of companies involved with image capture: cameras, microscopes, scanners and sensors; image processing: analysis, board/chips, computer enhancement, frame grabbers; image compression hardware and software, imaging systems, and intensifiers; image display: display controllers, flat panels, and crts, monitors, video scan and color converters; image output: plotters, printers and recorders; image storage: disk, tape and hard drives, magnetic and optical; general-purpose industrial vision systems for: optical character recognition, verification component identification, non-contact measurement, optical 2-D and 3-D measurement, color inspection, assembly verification, positioning and automatic movement control, controlling robots and machines and object tracking; special-purpose industrial vision systems for applications in: pharmaceutical, glass, automotive, ceramic, electronics, food and drink, steel, nonferrous metals, metal stamping/pressing, plastic molding and packaging; cameras specially designed for machine vision: intelligent, black and white, color, high resolution, high speed, linescan and TDI, infrared, CMOS; components for vision systems: cameras, video lenses, telecentric lenses, filters, and accessories; and lighting systems: LED, incandescent, fluorescent, fiberoptic, and stroboscopic.

The IPOT and Machine Vision Ireland exhibitions will be held alongside another of Trident's shows being introduced in Ireland: Practical Vacuum incorporating Semiconductor Processing. It is anticipated that more than 70 exhibitors will be present at the two-day events, with seminars forming part of the exhibition to enhance the visitor experience.

For details on exhibiting at or visiting IPOT and Machine Vision Ireland please tel +44(0)1822 614671 or e-mail:[email protected].

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