2015 Innovators Awards: Gold level honorees

March 25, 2015

Gold level honorees of our 2015 Innovators Awards Program are as follows:

  • Allied Vision –Goldeye G-033 SWIR camera. The G-033 is a 78 mm x 55 mm x 55 mm SWIR camera equipped with a 640 x 512 InGaAs detector with a 15µm pixel size. The 300fps GigE Vision TEC-cooled camera also features a rugged alloy housing and operates in an extended range of -4-122°F. In addition, the camera features in-image correction tools such as non-uniformity correction and defective pixel correction.
  • Basler –Time of flight cameras. The company’s time of flight cameras are equipped with a pulse-emitting IR light source and are based on Panasonic CCD image sensors. With a working range of 50cm to 5m, the cameras have with a depth accuracy of ±1 cm and are available with sensors from VGA to 1.3MPixel. Featuring a GigE interface, the first model is the ToF-6m that features a 640 x 480 Panasonic MN34902BL sensor with an NIR light source and a frame rate of 30 fps.
  • Headwall Photonics –Hyperspec Inspector.Hyperspec Inspector is a hyper-spectral inspection instrument consists of an imaging spectrometer, embedded processor, 320GByte hard drive and external illumination sources. The unit is Hyperspec INSPECTOR is available in several versions covering spectral ranges that include visible (380nm – 825nm), visible/NIR (400nm – 1000nm), extended VNIR (600nm – 1600nm), NIR (900nm – 1700nm) and SWIR (1000nm – 2500nm).
  • ISS Innovative Security Solutions –3D CPS. 3D Control and Picking Solutions (CPS) integrates a laser scanner and an on-board processor. The unit has been designed to performs the 3D measurement and analysis tasks required for robotic bin picking applications and includes software to generate the trajectory of the robot.
  • KEYENCE Corporation of America –LumiTrax XG and CV-X systems. XG and CV-X high-speed, multi-camera machine vision systems feature the company’s LumiTrax function, which combines cameras, lighting and a shape-from shading algorithm.
  • Numetrix Technologies -Numetrix 3D digitizers/scanners. Numetrix NX3D digitizers/scanners employ a combination of split-spectrum light projection, dual-CCD camera technology and multispectral volumetric encoding (MVE) to create 3D models.
  • odos imaging -real.iZ VS-1000 3D vision system. The real.iZ time of flight 3D vision systems uses a pulsed time of flight technique. The system combines pixel-by-pixel range measurement technology and conventional image intensity information.
  • Teledyne DALSA –Piranha4 multispectral camera. The Piranha4 cameras 2048 x 4 quad-linear CMOS sensor provides three native RGB channels and a separate monochrome channel. Running at 70 kHz, the camera delivers a throughput of 573 M pixels/s using Camera Link and can be interfaced to computers 15m from the camera.
  • Teledyne DALSA -Piranha XL multi line CMOS TDI camera. The Piranha XL 16k monochrome time delay and integration (TDI) camera uses a 12-line CMOS image sensor and features a maximum line rate of 125kHz. The camera can operate in either 4, 8, or 12-line mode using a Camera Link HS interface and can deliver 2GByte/s data throughput using a single CX4 cable.
  • Vision Components –VC Z series cameras. VC Z smart cameras are programmable smart cameras that feature Linux firmware and dual-core ARM processors. The smart cameras feature five CMOS image sensor options to 4.2Mpixels, one trigger input and one flash trigger output.

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