2015 Innovators Awards: Bronze level honorees

March 25, 2015

Bronze-level award winners of our 2015 Innovators Awards Program were as follows:

  • Cognex -DS1000 Series 3D laser displacement sensors The DS1000 Series is designed for 3D inspection and analysis of manufactured components and products. At scan rates of up to 10 kHz, the DS1000 sensors can communicate results directly to an external device, such as a PLC. The IP65-rated sensors are factory calibrated and supplied with Cognex Designer software, which allows developers to configure inspections tasks, communicate results, and builds user interfaces.
  • Components Express -BitMaxx USB3 Vision 25M cable.The USB 3.0 Bitmaxx cable enables USB3 Vision cameras to be operated up to 25 meters from a host computer. The 25 meter cable supports data rates of up to 5Gbps and requires no external power supply.
  • Edmund Optics –Dynamic focus VZM lens.The DynamicFocus VZM lens has a membrane-based liquid lens fully integrated into its optical assembly, giving the lens the ability to step through different working distances without the need to mechanically adjust the lens. Incorporating the liquid lens allows focus to be adjusted over a 7x range from 0.65x to 4.6x, while maintaining the zoom capabilities of the company’s standard VZM zoom imaging lenses.
  • Lumenera -LT16059H high dynamic range camera.The LT16059H camera is equipped with a 16 MPixel ON Semiconductor (Truesense) KAI-16070 CCD image sensor with 7.4µm pixel size that can achieve a frame rate of 11fps at full resolution.
  • Metaphase Technologies –LED Illumination system.The High Speed LED Illumination System (HiSLED-1003) — originally designed for military use but can be used in industrial applications—uses LED, optics, and a strobe controller to provide illumination at the short pulses required to capture non-blurred images of high-speed events. HiSLED-1003 features an intensity uniformity of +/- 15%, a luminance of >1 million Lux, Ethernet connection and a lifetime of 75,000 hours.
  • ON Semiconductor –Python 2000 and Python 5000 CMOS image sensors.The Python 2000 (2.3MPixel) and 5000 (5.3MPixel) are global shutter CMOS image sensors with a 4.8µm pixel size. The Python 2000 achieves a frame rate of 245fps at full resolution, while the Python 5000 can run at 105fps. Both sensors feature 8-bit or 10-bit output mode.
  • Sightline Innovation –Sightline Verify.Sightline Verify software is quality control software that capable of learning inspection tasks similar to human inspectors. Verify is powered by Sightline Innovation’s machine learning cloud engine that is capable of processing large amounts of sensor data.
  • Texas Instruments -3D machine vision reference design.The company’s 3D machine vision reference design allows developers to construct 3D point clouds by integrating a TI DLP LightCrafter 4500 digital micro-mirror device with cameras, sensors and motors. The reference design is supplied with schematics, design files, software and test data.
  • XIMEA –Hyperspectral USB3 cameras.The xiQ series of USB3 cameras integrate three hyper-spectral sensors from imec that are available in a 100 band line-scan design, 32 band snapshot tiled design and a snapshot mosaic design featuring 16 bands in a matrix of 4 x 4 per-pixel filters.

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