Atmel introduces new color linescan camera

Nov. 25, 2003
NOVEMBER 25--Atmel Corporation (Grenoble, France; is now offering its new AT71XHD, called the AKYLA HD.

NOVEMBER 25--Atmel Corporation (Grenoble, France; is now offering its AT71XHD, called the AKYLA HD. This highly dynamic 12-bit camera is the newest member of the AKYLA family of tri-CCD color linescan cameras, already comprising the AKYLA MD. The AKYLA HD is a faster model, operating at speeds up to 40 million pixels per second. The camera has a robust casing and mechanics to withstand severe industrial environments. It integrates a high-sensitivity 3CCD 1024 or 2048-pixel image sensor and has a true 12 bits useful dynamic range.

The Akyla HD also features a data rate of up to 40 MHz, as well as excellent color separation that relies on a proven prism design. It integrates flat-field correction, whereby the user can correct any lighting nonuniformity and spherical aberration attributed to the lens, and offers excellent signal-to-noise performance. The camera is for demanding industrial applications such as food sorting (cherries,beans), plastic inspection, currency inspection or PCB quality control, to name but a few.

Christophe Robinet, marketing manager of Atmel's camera line, commented, "By introducing the HD version of the Akyla, Atmel is providing its customers with a higher-speed and higher-dynamic range camera to use in color imaging in machine-vision applications."

The AKYLA color linescan family supports a Camera Link serial interface giving the system designer access to all data, synchronization, and total camera control with a unique and standard cable. Additional flexibility is offered to the end user via programmable settings alongside features such as gain and control offset for each color. The AKYLA color linescan family also includes a parallel LVDS version, which enables use of longer cables. The Akyla HD cameras are in full production stage.

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