Coreco Imaging achieves ISO9001:2000 certification

DECEMBER 17--Coreco Imaging (Montreal, Quebec, Canada; has obtained ISO9001:2000 certification for its design, development, and manufacturing processes.

DECEMBER 17--Coreco Imaging (Montreal, Quebec, Canada;, a developer of high-performance machine-vision components and services, has obtained ISO9001:2000 certification for its design, development, and manufacturing processes. Coreco now complies with higher quality standards throughout all of its operational processes in Montreal, Quebec, and Billerica, MA, USA.

"The new ISO certification recognizes a more comprehensive level of quality," says Len van den Engh, quality manager at Coreco Imaging. "The ISO9001:2000 standard applies to all of our company functions, not just to the manufacturing and service functions as did ISO9002:1994, to which Coreco previously conformed. In addition, this standard yields a better management system because it places emphasis on the processes and measurements that gauge customer satisfaction with products and services provided, whereas the previous standard was geared more toward compliance with company procedures. By establishing consistent, customer-focused quality processes throughout our company, we are in a better position not just to satisfy but to exceed the expectations of our customers."

Working with a cross-functional team of engineers and product managers, Coreco Imaging transitioned from its ISO9002:1994 system to ISO9001:2000 during the past eight months. Specific tasks performed to adhere to the new standard requirements included: rewriting the company's quality manual and quality system procedures; incorporating design and development processes, which were not part of the previous quality system; and integrating the quality system of the company's US-based subsidiary, IPD.

"Since our ISO quality system will be evaluated on an ongoing basis by internal and independent auditors, our distributors and customers worldwide can be assured that every aspect of our business is focused on meeting their requirements," says van den Engh.

The source of more than 14,000 international standards for business, government and society, ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is the world's largest developer of standards.

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