Raytheon Infrared enhances its thermal imaging camera

OCTOBER 22--Raytheon Infrared (Dallas, TX; www.raytheon.com) has introduced an enhanced Thermal-Eye X100xp.

OCTOBER 22--Raytheon Infrared (Dallas, TX;www.raytheon.com) has introduced an enhanced Thermal-Eye X100xp. The rugged, lightweight, waterproof, palm-sized X100 thermal imaging camera is the next generation of the X100 camera. The X100xp, a small, lightweight, hand-held thermal imaging camera, has a newly enhanced image quality and a tripod mount. The improved image quality helps law-enforcement officers see more clearly while using the X100xp during low-light or no-light rescue, surveillance, or fugitive searches.

"After polling police officers and learning what they wanted to make the X100 even better, we responded quickly," said Raytheon Infrared president Chris Bade. "Raytheon Infrared is committed to developing technology that helps law-enforcement professionals make better, more informed decisions--because the lives they're protecting are important."

The X100xp measures only 5 in. long, weighs 13 oz, is powered by AA batteries, and is priced at $7500. The camera, designed for rugged use, has no illuminating light source that could betray the location of an officer doing surveillance or while tracking criminals fleeing in the darkness.

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