One Europe but many monitor markets

July 14, 2003
JULY 14--When it comes to monitor sales, research shows key differences across the different regions in Europe, according to Meko ( DisplayCast.

JULY 14--When it comes to monitor sales, research shows key differences across the different regions in Europe, according to Meko (
DisplayCast. There is, however, no doubt that Europe as a whole continues to adopt LCD monitors at an increasingly rapid rate. Data being collected for Q2 2003, make it clear that the percentage of sales that are LCD monitors for the period will again be at record levels.

"Despite continued upward price pressure at the component level and in particular from LCD panel suppliers, variations in local exchange rates against the dollar have helped to keep average selling prices for LCD monitors on a downward trend," said Bob Raikes, Meko managing director. "We were concerned that the panel makers would stall demand yet again in their quest for improved prices but our initial findings are that the shift away from CRT has continued in this seasonally quiet selling period." To provide a clear overview of the differences in the markets around Europe, Meko splits the territory into nine different regions.

The German-speaking countries of Region 1 have the highest LCD penetration in Europe at 60% in Q1 2003, with the average selling price of a LCD monitor in this region 31% lower than this time last year. Region 1 accounts for more than 29% of the total LCD sales in Europe, with over 1m LCD monitors sold in each of the last two quarters.

LCD penetration into France (Region 2) has increased sequentially over the last four quarters, with 19% penetration in Q2 2002, increasing to 39% in Q1 2003. The average selling price of an LCD monitor in France has fallen by 18% over the same period.

The UK and Irish market (Region 3) is dominated by two brands, Dell and HP, whose combined sales account for more than 30% of monitor sales over the last four quarters. Region 3 has one of the highest proportions of large-sized LCD sales, with 9% of sales in the 18-in. and larger size category. This has increased the region's average selling price to 675 euros excluding tax, one of the highest in Europe.

In the brand-sensitive Nordic Region 4 there are three dominant players. Samsung, HP, and Dell's combined sales accounted for 46% of the total monitor market in Q1 2003. The 17.x-in. size category provides 39% of the total for LCDs sold in the Nordic and Baltic countries, with the second highest average selling price in this category in Europe of 566 euros excluding tax.

The Mediterranean region (5) has the fastest-growing LCD market, with a 137% increase in LCD volume sales from Q3 2002 to Q4 2002. Region 5 is now the second-largest purchaser (with Region 1 first), with sales concentrated in the 15- and 16-in. size category (72% of the total regional volume sales in Q1 2003) and the 17.x-in. category (24% of the total regional sales in Q1 2003).

LCD penetration in the Benelux countries is 49% with 58% of LCD monitors sold in the 15.x" size category. However, the average selling price of LCDs in Region 6 has been in the higher price band over the last year. The region's overall LCD ASP fell by 31% year on year to 691 euro excluding tax in June 2003 making it the second highest in Europe.

Region 7 has the highest average selling price for LCD monitors at 728 euro excluding tax, with only 26% of monitors sold in Central Europe being LCD. Sales of LCD monitors have increased sequentially over the last two quarters, with sales of CRTs dropping by 39% in Q1 2003 compared to Q4 2002. Sales of 15" CRTs fell by 64% in the same period.

Samsung, which has had more than 50% of the total sales volume for monitors for the last four quarters, dominates sales in Russia and the CIS. The average selling price of a Samsung LCD monitor is 7% below the average for all brands sold in Region 8 but more than 73% of brands in the region have a lower price than Samsung's monitors. This highlights the company's brand strength in Russia and the CIS.

Region 9 is a fast-growing market for the new technology, with LCD monitor penetration increasing by 75% and 66%, respectively, over the last two quarters, although still only 7% of monitors sold in Turkey and the east of Europe are LCD. There are four dominant players in the region. Philips, Samsung, HP, and LG that collectively accounted for 65% of the total number of monitors sold in Q1 2003.

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