Terahertz imaging system from Applied Research and Photonics secures packages

Jan. 23, 2013
The TeraImager terahertz imaging system developed by Applied Research and Photonics is able to see through boxes and packages.

The TeraImagerterahertz imaging system is able to see through boxes and packages. Using a T-ray derived from a dendrimer-based fixed power source at approximately 10 mW continuous-wave (CW), the system is suited for package and envelope scanning for identification and security. A remote detection system is also available for mobile surveillance.
Applied Research and Photonics
Harrisburg, PA

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Terahertz Imaging System (TeraImager)

Terahertz imager can see through boxes and packages. Thus this machine has application for package and envelope scanning for identification and security. ARP has developed a remote detection system for mobile surveillance.

About Applied Research & Photonics

Located in Harrisburg, PA, Applied Research & Photonics, Inc. (ARP) is a nanotechnology company with the core products in the terahertz area. ARP has demonstrated a number of products based on its proprietary dendrimer nanotechnology. ARP’s terahertz spectrometer, TeraSpectra, uses a high-power terahertz source enabling high resolution spectrometry. It has a wider terahertz range (up to ~30 THz) for probing molecular phenomena on time scales from a few femto-seconds to a few tens of pico-seconds. Designed and manufactured in Harrisburg, TeraSpectra offers the capability of solving a number of problems in biomolecular, pharmaceutical, analytical and other research areas. For more information, visit ARP web site at: www.arphotonics.net or contact:
Anis Rahman, PhD
Applied Research and Photonics, Inc.
470 Friendship Road, Suite 10
Harrisburg, PA 17111, USA
Phone: +1 (717) 623-8201
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Applied Research and Photonics

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