Basler pylon driver compatible with NeuroCheck 6.0 software

Jan. 28, 2011
Basler’s free pylon camera driver is now compatible with the machine-vision software package from Neurocheck.


Basler (Ahrensburg, Germany) offers a software adapter that makes Basler cameras usable with the latest NeuroCheck software, a general-purpose image-processing software for industrial quality control.

NeuroCheck’s .NET based graphical tools enable the user to develop solutions within a familiar Windows-based environment to achieve rapid system integration into production line processes. The NeuroCheck 6.0 user interface and visualization can now be freely designed and adapted to the customer's specific requirements.

“For the first time, the new NeuroCheck 6.0 software provides an open interface for third party camera integration. Basler’s camera driver passed all our tests successfully and now offers a full and reliable support”, comments NeuroCheck’s CEO Christian Demant.

Werner Borchert, Senior Product Manager at Basler adds: “Both the NeuroCheck software and Basler cameras are leading products in the machine vision market. This new usability offers NeuroCheck users access to further cameras with great performance and attractive price positioning.”

The free Basler pylon driver offers a reliable connection between the NeuroCheck software and all Basler FireWire and GigE Vision area- and linescan cameras. pylon’s generic GenICam standard based driver design offers imminent access to the latest camera features. The pylon SDK is available as 32 or 64 Bit variants and works under all Windows environments up to Windows 7. It supports all common Programming Languages like C,C++,VB6 or Microsoft’s .NET framework. MS Direct-Show and Twain adapters are already available and provide a simple integration into third party standard software.

SOURCE: Basler Vision Technologies

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