Keyence offers standalone vision system

The Keyence XG-7000 offers a vision system with the power and flexibility of a PC-based system in a standalone unit.



XG-7000 Series, High Performance, Ultra Flexible, Comprehensive Machine Vision System

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The Keyence (Woodcliff Lake, NJ, USA) XG-7000 offers a vision system that meets all of your vision processing needs. It offers the power and flexibility of a PC-based system in an easy to use stand-alone unit. The intuitive design of the XG-7000 enables any user to quickly develop a vision solution for even the toughest applications.

Users have the flexibility to setup the system in a variety of interchangeable ways based on personal preference and vision experience. Programming is possible directly on the controller, using a mouse and a PC running the XG Simulator+ software or for more advanced vision solution development using the XG Vision Editor software.

SOURCE: Keyence

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