3D reconstruction software maps diamonds

May 21, 2014

A company called Sarine Technologies has developed an automated computer tomography (CT) system that detects and maps diamonds in order to assess the quality of the stone. To do so, the Galaxy 1000 system generates a 3D model of the external geometry of the stone, then acquires an internal CT-based image of the diamond and merges this data together into a 3D model of the diamond with all its inclusions. Sarine utilized 3D software for inspection and reconstruction of a 3D image of the diamond based on measured 2D projections. >>>Read more

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James Carroll

Former VSD Editor James Carroll joined the team 2013.  Carroll covered machine vision and imaging from numerous angles, including application stories, industry news, market updates, and new products. In addition to writing and editing articles, Carroll managed the Innovators Awards program and webcasts.

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