Universe Kogaku's quartz lens supports UV imaging

Universe Kogaku America (adds to its existing line of quartz lenses, a 12-mm lens for imaging applications in the nonvisible light spectrum.

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UV1228CM: 12mm F/2.8 Ultraviolet Lens with Iris and Focus Lock

Universe Kogaku America (Oyster Bay, NY, USA) adds to its existing line of Quartz lenses, a new 12mm lens for imaging applications in the non-visible light spectrum.

Available from stock, in the US, in a wide range of focal lengths, these UV1228CM Ultraviolet lenses are well suited to forensic, industrial, scientific and other imaging applications.

We have designed and manufactured these lenses as a reasonably priced solution to the growing need for imaging in the other than visible spectrum. Owing to the broad transmission range of the quartz elements this family of lenses can transmit well into the Infra-red spectrum as well.

UV1228CM lenses are in stock at Universe Kogaku. For pricing or other information, please call 516-624-2444 (in USA) or email info@ukaoptics.com.

Universe Kogaku
116 Audrey Avenue
Oyster Bay, NY 11771

Source: Universe Kogaku America

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