IB/E Optics releases TZ coax-series telecentric lenses

IB/E Optics' TZ coax-series covers linear magnifications from 0.5 to 3.0.


The optical measuring technique requests special, on specific criterias working optical systems. Telecentric lenses offer low measurment errors on different working distances of the object - errors that typically cannot be corrected otherwise. The only alternative would be very accurate and thatfor expensive mechanical supply.

If requested the optics can be equipped with variable iris, polarizing filter and retarder plates - high end optics for most difficult surface inspections.

With OptiBench IB/E OPTICS (Hutthurm, Germany) can deliver exact data of distortion, MTF and telecentricity as protocol. The TZ coax-series covers linear magnifications from 0.5 to 3.0.

Another accessory for telecentric coax series lenses are different illumination systems. Typically LED based illumination is used, but fibres can also be attached.

Of course all lenses can be used without coax illumination as single stand alone telecentric lens.

Base lenses available. Ask for special adjustment to fit your application needs perfectly.

Source: IB/E Optics

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