2017 Innovators Awards: Platinum-level honorees

April 3, 2017

Platinum-level award winners of our 2017 Innovators Awards Program are as follows:

  • CMOSIS. NanEye_RS NanEye_RS is a miniature round sensor that has been tailor made for endoscopic applications where the overall size requirement of the sensor is of utmost importance. As opposed to sensors in a square form factor, the octagonal outline of the NanEye_RS sensor allows the user to match the sensor ideally with the image field of optics and mechanically to optimally integrate it with a round lens barrels, thus in round lumens or tubing, as it is frequently used in endoscopic applications. The NanEye_RS sensor features a 680 x 680 pixel matrix with 140 pixels cut in each corner, leading to a total of 420k light sensitive pixels
  • SuaLab. A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Inspection Solution. SUALAB claims to have developed the world’s first textile and leather A.I. unmanned inspection solutions using Machine learning: TAS (Textile A.I Solution) and LAS (Leather A.I Solution). Because it was difficult for previous machine vision solutions to identify defects among the irregular patterns of textile and leather, inspection of these materials was usually done by people. Adopting machine learning, SUALAB has commercialized textile, leather car seat and handbag inspection with artificial intelligence technology. SUALAB also developed its own GPU supercomputing skills to run real-time inspection with only a few GPUs.
  • Teledyne DALSA. Polarization. Line scan polarization cameras using nanowire-based micropolarizer filters have significant advantages over area-based cameras using the same technology. Teledyne DALSA’s Piranha4 line scan polarization camera provides improved image quality and enables high-speed, real-time detection of birefringence, stress, surface roughness, film, and other physical properties that cannot be detected with conventional imaging in industrial environments.
  • XIMEA. Fast speed camera based on PCI Express interface. Beside the extremely high speed of 64 Gbit/s, PCIe interface also allows to aggregate different interfaces and camera models. What that means in terms of new options - you can easily combine many cameras into a customizable hub from which the compiled data will be transferred using just one cable. Image sensors available in the first camera family include the CMOSIS CMV12000, CMV20000, CMV50000, providing resolutions of 12 MPixel, 20 MPixel or 50 MPixel, reaching speeds of up to 330 fps. The second camera family features global shutter CMOS image sensors with 13.7 µm pixel sizes that can reach up to 3500 fps at full resolution of 1280 x 864.

On behalf of the entire Vision Systems Design team, a sincere thank you to all of the companies who submitted to our third annual Innovators Awards program, and congratulations to all of our honorees. We hope that this award program helped bring some of the most innovative products technologies in the market into focus, and we hope it will continue to do so moving forward.

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