Advanced Illumination Launches New Light Controller Line

May 22, 2024
Controller designed for Zebra Iris GTX smart camera.

Advanced Illumination has launched a new class of LED lighting controllers, designed to function as a hub between camera, light, and I/O interconnectivity. The first in this product line, the HCS-150-ZEB, is designed for use with Zebra Technologies’ Iris GTX Smart Camera. The light hub can directly power a connected Zebra Iris GTX smart camera while at the same time providing I/O functionality such as triggering and analog dimming control between light head, camera, and any other connected I/O accessories.

The light hub is designed as a hybrid control system that is external, detachable, and GUI disabled. It operates in pulse (overdrive strobe), gated continuous, and continuous modes, and puts out up to 100W maximum power in continuous mode and 240 W in pulsed mode, delivering 4 amps of continuous output and up to 8 amps of overdrive strobe. It has a pulse width range of 30 μs to 5 ms in overdrive mode and greater than 5 ms in gated continuous mode. It typically has  less than 1% duty cycle range for high current overdrive and up to 100% for constant on continuous current, depending on the limitation of the connected light; it has a dimming range of 10 to 100%.

The light hub has a 89.2 x 30.8 x 120.1 mm footprint and weighs .287 kg.  It comes with a 35 mm DIN-rail or M4 nut channel mounting options. It has an operating temperature range of 0° to 40°C, it is housed in an aluminum case and is rated IP67.

To Learn More:

Contact: Advanced Illumination

Headquarters: Rochester, VT, USA

Product: HCS-150-ZEB light hub

Key Features: Designed for Zebra smart camera, up to 240 W maximum power output, IP67 rated

What Advanced Illumination says: View more information on HCS-150-ZEB light hub

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