ALSONTECH Launches Explosion-Proof 3D Camera

May 30, 2024
Camera designed for machine vision applications in harsh, high-risk environments.

ALSONTECH has launched a new explosion-proof 3D camera, the AT-S1000-04A-D. Designed for harsh, high-risk industrial environments, the camera utilizes high-energy laser imaging technology capable of scanning high reflective and dark absorbent objects, even in semi-outdoor and outdoor conditions with varying ambient light conditions, or in challenging visibility conditions such as high levels of dust.

The camera has 1920 x 1200 resolution and has a class 3R laser, a continuous wave laser that produces up to 5 mw of power in the visible light range. At a 600 mm calibration distance, functions at working distances of 420, 600, and 780 mm and has FOV of 470 x 330 mm, 633 x 468 mm, and 751 x 600 mm, respectively.  At 1000 mm calibration distance, it functions at working distances of 700, 1000, and 1300 mm and FOV of 762 x 556 mm, 1046 x 780 mm, 1270 x 995 mm, respectively.

The camera has a footprint of 328 x 180 x 105 mm, weighs 6.8 kg, and has an operating temperature range of -20° to 55° C. Rated IP67 and made from aluminum alloy, the camera features an integrated, self-contained, explosion-proof design that does not require additional explosion-proof housing.

The camera is especially designed for machine vision applications that must be performed in harsh, high-risk environments.

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Headquarters: Zhengzhou, Henan, China

Product: AT-S1000-04A-D camera

Key Features: Robust, explosion-proof construction, 1920 x 1200 resolution, 3R laser

What ALSONTECH says: View more information on AT-S1000-04-D camera

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