Teledyne FLIR Launches New Thermal Camera

June 7, 2024
Camera designed for vision applications such as inspection, quality assurance.

Teledyne FLIR has launched a new thermal camera, the A6301. The camera is equipped with a cooled MWIR sensor and has 640 x 512 resolution and 30 Hz frame rate. It provides the following FOVs:  50 mm lens 11.0° x8.8°, 20 mm lens 21.7° x 17.5°, 17 mm lens 21.5° x 25.5° and minimal focus distances of 500, 200, and 60 mm with 50 mm, 25 mm,  and 17 mm lenses respectively. It has manual focus with up to 8x digital zoom. It has a spectral range of 3.0 to 5.0 µm and 15 µm detector pitch. The camera follows standard GigE Vision and REST API protocols.

The camera has ≤15 mK at 25°C thermal sensitivity and a temperature measurement range of -20° to 200°C.  It has an FLIR FL100 Linear cooler for sensor cooling and selectable 8-bit color palettes, and  two operating modes,  IR Image and high sensitivity.

Without lens, the camera’s footprint is 200 x 76 x 92 mm and it weighs 1,32 kg. It has an operating temperature range of -20° to 50° C and is rated IP50.

The camera is especially designed for such applications as inline inspection of package heat sealing, process control and monitoring of adhesives, quality assurance during paper and plastics production, and remote monitoring of electrical or mechanical systems.

To Learn More:

Contact: Teledyne FLIR

Headquarters: Wilsonville, OR, USA

Product: FLIR A6301 Thermal Camera

Key Features: Cooled MWIR sensor, -20°C to 200°C temperature measurement range, 640 x 512 IR resolution

What Teledyne FLIR says: View more information on A6301 Thermal Camera

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