Orbbec Launches New Stereo 3D Camera Line

June 21, 2024
Cameras especially designed for indoor/outdoor 3D vision applications.

Orbbec recently launched a new line of stereo 3D vision cameras, the Gemini 330 camera series, which includes the Gemini 335 camera. The camera combines passive and active stereo vision technologies and is designed to operate in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The camera has a 1280 x 800 infrared resolution and 1920 x 1080 RGB resolution, with 30 fps frame rate and a 90°(H) x 65° (V) FOV. The camera comes with a global shutter IR sensor and a rolling shutter color sensor and has a projector wavelength of 850 nm.  The camera can support high dynamic range depth functionality, which enables clear vision in bright and dark environments. The camera comes with a single-point laser ranging module that functions as a single point direct time of flight sensor, which is used for close-range ranging, and supports high dynamic range depth functionality.

The Gemini 335 is IP5x rated, which means it prevents solid objects from entering the camera. It does not prevent dust, however, the dust that enters the inside of the camera does not affect normal operation. The camera has a footprint of 90 x 25 x 30.7 mm, weighs 99 g, and has an operating temperature range of -10° to 40°C at 30 to 60 fps. The camera is especially designed for a wide variety of vision indoor and outdoor 3D vision applications, including robotics.

To Learn More:

Contact: Orbbec

Headquarters: Troy, MI, USA

Product: Gemini 335 camera 

Key Features: 3D stereo vision, IP5X rated, 30 fps frame rate

What says: View more information on Gemini 335 camera

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