VSD Latest News - Nov 6th, 2023
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November 6, 2023

You don't want to miss our last two editorial webinars of 2023: Case Study: How to Deploy AI in Embedded Vision Applications and The 10 Keys to Designing a Machine Vision Application. Register today! If you can't attend the live event, you can watch the webinars on demand. 


More and more types of vision applications at the edge are emerging such as those involving product inspection, autonomous robots, and medical devices.
While deep learning is not right for every inspection application, it can help automate tasks that are difficult to achieve with rules-based machine vision methods.
Autonomous vessel, mapping system successfully tested.
New work by a U.K. team demonstrates a new technique that enables a more detailed view of brain function, which could lead to more accurate and earlier diagnosis of diseases that afflict this complex organ.
Advances in automation technologies, including 3D imaging and AI, have created new opportunities in robotic bin picking systems.
Technology Makes Minimally Invasive Surgery Accessible
Developing imaging technology for surgical tracking requires engineering that goes beyond the capabilities of conventional camera providers.
Learn how to acquire precise images using a camera cooling technique that works even when inspecting products, such as semiconductors, produced in environments with increased temperatures.
Master Bond Supreme 17HTND-2 is a toughened epoxy system for bonding and sealing applications. It is a true one component system, not premixed and frozen, with an unlimited working life at room temperature. Supreme 17HTND-2 is thermally stable, featuring a high glass transition temperature (Tg) of 410°F (210°C). It also meets NASA low outgassing specificatio...