Case Study: How to Deploy AI in Embedded Vision Applications

Nov. 15, 2023
A November 15th Vision Systems Design-hosted webinar sponsored by Computar & Teledyne FLIR

Originally broadcast on November 15, 2023. Now available On Demand.
Sponsor:  Computar and Teledyne FLIR       

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Daniel Lau, PhD, a machine vision and 3D imaging expert, will describe his recent professional experience designing an AI-enabled embedded vision system. He will detail how he chose an AI model, collected and labeled training data and found programming libraries, and more. 

Daniel Lau, PhD  | Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of Graduate Studies in Electrical Engineering | University of Kentucky, Lexington
Dr. Lau’s research interests include 3-D imaging sensors, 3-D fingerprint scanning and identification, and multispectral color acquisition and display. He has research funding from the Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health. 

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