Mini Industrial PCs

June 1, 2022
The PCs feature up to eight cores/16 threads to improve performance, energy efficiency, and latency.

ASRock Industrial Computer Corporation has launched its 4X4 Box-5000 Series Mini PCs. The three models (4X4 BOX-5800U, 4X4 BOX-5600U, and 4X4 BOX-5400U) feature AMD Zen 3 Ryzen™ 5000 U-Series APUs with up to eight cores/16 threads. The series supports quad display outputs of up to 4K with AMD Radeon™ Graphics for an enhanced visual experience. The PCs also include dual LAN ports (up to 2.5 Gbit) with one DASH function and Wi-Fi 6E support for the 6-GHz band for real-time connections. Connectivity is via USB ports (three USB 3.2 Gen 2, two USB 2.0). The mini PCs measure 110 x 117 x 47.85 mm with fanned barebone. 

To Learn More:

Contact: ASRock Industrial Computer Corporation

Headquarters: Taipei City, Taiwan

Product: 4X4 BOX-5000 Series Mini PCs

Key Features: Up to eight cores/16 threads, 6.7-W power consumption at idle, DDR4 3200MHz SO-DIMM memory of up to 64 GB

What AS Rock Industrial Computer Corporation says:

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