Machine Vision Lights for the Logistics Industry

Nov. 11, 2022

Smart Vision Lights (SVL) has introduced Lightgistics series, which aims to improve logistics and track-and-trace through machine vision lighting that offers greater than 10x brighter light pulses than its standard continuous mode. Lightgistics series lights feature Dual OverDrive, which combines SVL’s Deca OverDrive and standard OverDrive engines. Available in ring and linear formats, the lights offer direct connection and control through a camera’s trigger output. The ring lights can be mounted directly to most common machine vision camera housings through optional mounting plates, while the linear lights come in 300- or 600-mm lengths and can be used to create tunnel systems capable of illuminating a package of any size. The JWL150-DO, JWL225-DO, RHI200-DO, and LHI200-DO Lightgistics lights also feature a new integrated cable that connects to the camera, light, and controller and reaches up to 15 m, as well as universal mounts.

To Learn More:

Contact: Smart Vision Lights
: Norton Shores, MI, USA
Product: Lightgistics Machine Vision Lights
Key Features: Universal mounts, ring and linear formats, Dual OverDrive.

What Smart Vision Lights says
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