Multispectral vision system to monitor Ukraine border

North American Defense Advanced Technology Solutions, a division of Aeros, installed a multispectral vision system for border security in Ukraine.

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In order to provide border protection, the government of Ukraine had a multispectral imaging-based Elevated Early Warning System (EEWS) from Aeros installed.

With wide area situational awareness, the EEWS multispectral vision system features a number of cameras, including a thermal imager, an HD color camera, and a low-light HD camera. The thermal camera features a 640 x 512 InSb focal plane array with 720/1080 and NTSC/PAL resolution and sensitivity in the 3-5 µm range. Additionally, it features a 30° to 0.25° FOV with a zoom ratio of 120X.

The system’s color HD camera features a progressive scan CCD image sensor with 720/1080 HD and NTSC/PAL resolution, with a 29° to 0.25° field of view and zoom ratio of 120X. The EEWS system’s low light imaging camera features a color NIR-enhanced progressive scan CCD image sensor with 720/1080 and NTSC/PAL resolution, with a 55° to 1.5° field of view and zoom ratio of 36X. Furthermore, the system features a Class 1 laser rangefinder, a class 4 laser illuminator, and a class 3b laser pointer.

Integrated technologies within the system include active electronically-scanned array multi-mode radar, a shooter detection system, a payload mounting system, and a ground control system with two operating stations. The EEWS system is designed to provide surface surveillance, navigation, beacon detection, target imaging and classification, ground mapping, and moving target detection. The system’s shooter detection system works by locating a shooter using passive acoustic detection, computer-based signal processing, and both auditory and visual indications to detect and report shooter azimuth and elevation information, according to Aeros.

First Deputy Chairman of the State Border Service of Ukraine, General Vasiliy Servatyuk, commented on the installation of the system. "To date, we have an ambitious goal of the "2 + 6". That is 2 stations will be established until the end of the year in order to provide surface and air surveillance. Consequently [we will be] adding 6 more next year."

Igor Pasternak, CEO of Aeros, also commented. "We and our industry partners are pleased to provide our unique integrated solution to help provide security for the people of Ukraine and increase the situational awareness for the State Border Service," he said.

View the press release.

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