Companies project some industry growth

Nov. 12, 2001
NOVEMBER 12--There is some growth projected in the machine-vision industry, however, one report, from iSupply Corp., indicates excess inventory.

Cahners In-Stat Group (Scottsdale, AZ; says that in 2000 more than 35 million PC-based and consumer electronics products were equipped with the IEEE-1394 (FireWire) interface. The research firm projects that IEEE-1394 interfaces will exceed 200 million by 2005.

Gartner Dataquest Inc. (Stamford, CT; reports that worldwide spending on new software is projected to grow just 6% in the first half of 2001. Worldwide spending for all of 2001 is estimated to rise less than 7% with new license revenues of approximately $77 billion.

Stanford Resources-iSupply (San Jose, CA; finds that CRT monitors will be overtaken in just over five years as the dominant technology for desktop computer monitors. Flat-panel monitors are expected to achieve a market share of 52.5% and $24 billion in sales by 2007. The worldwide market for all CRT monitors will decrease from 108.4 million units in 2001 to 91.7 million units in 2007. Worldwide OEM revenues for all CRT monitors will drop from its peak in1999 of $19.5 billion to just over $10 billion in 2007.

Advanced Technology Advisors (Cleveland, OH; e-mail: [email protected]) reports that the demand for automated assembly systems in 2001 is projected at $2 billion and for related major components, such as power drivers, PCB equipment, feeders, actuators, robots, actuators, and modular structural elements, at about $2.1 billion. In 2002, automated assembly systems are expected to rise slightly to $2.18 billion.

International Biometric Group (New York, NY; expects biometric revenues to surge from $399.4 million in 2000, to $523.9 million in 2001, and to $1.9 billion in 2005. Financial and health-care services are forecast to increase revenues at an average annual rate of 72% and 56%, respectively.

iSuppli Corp. (El Segundo,CA; reports in its Semiconductor Inventory Tracker Q3 2001 that the electronics-industry supply chain is bulging with more than $8 billion in excess inventory. Gregg Sheppard, vice president for market intelligence services, says, "We are revising our forecast for worldwide semiconductor revenue 2001 downward to $147 billion, a decline of 28%."

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